Tuesday, April 1, 2008

MMA Blaster on MMA Junkie - Dan Severn


dan  severn

On March 9, Dan Severn (UFC 4 and UU 96 champ) tasted victory yet again against UFC 72/80 competitor Colin Robinson. Despite Severn's long list of accomplishments in MMA, I rarely hear his name mentioned in MMA broadcasts. Even MMAjunkie.com dissed Severn saying, "Severn has largely kept his career alive by fighting inexperienced opponents." Severn brought so many fans to the sport, including myself, as a high-school wrestler in 1996 renting the UFC tapes. We rewinded Severn's suplexes of Anthony Macias over and over again, watching wrestling used to perfection. It seems the UFC, IFL and EliteXC have ignored Severn. Maybe Severn doesn't want the attention, but he deserves it. While Ken Shamrock just lost his EliteXC debut to Robert Berry, Severn choked out Berry in 2006. With a list of victims that spans Forrest Griffin to Oleg Taktarov, MMA's true Iron Man is Dan Severn.

-Chicago, IL

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