Thursday, February 14, 2008

WEC 32 - Must Watch TV

For those who missed the WEC 32 card, check it out at Ultimate MMA videos (MMA Friends on right side) or wait for Versus to replay it 6-10 times over the next couple months. It was a solid card from top to bottom with vicious KO's and submissions throughout the night. Two belts changed hands and one stayed put.

WW Champ Carlos Condit vs. Carlo Prater - Condit (22-4) and Prater didn't stay on their feet for long as Prater almost immediately used a lateral/hip toss to get Condit on his back. Prater was unable to do much damage from the top, and Condit worked for submissions. After a failed guilotine from full guard and arm bar attempts, Condit was able to secure a tight guilotine forcing the stoppage in the first round. Condit now has four straight wins in the WEC and avenged his first loss.
Winner- Condit - (Guillotine Choke) R1 3:48

LW Champ Rob McCullough vs. Jamie Varner - Razor Rob just did not look on his game and Varner was full of energy. The first round saw Varner trying continously for the takedown and Razor defending well. But he wasn't putting much punishment on Varner for his failed attempts. In the third round Varner switched his strategy and started to box with Razor. After Razor landed a couple big shots knocking out Varner's mouthpiece, he didn't finish Varner off. Ref Steve Mazagoti gave time to Varner to put the mouthpiece back in and Varner came out firing and got the TKO over Razor in the third round. New LW Champ- Jamie Varner (14-2, 3 straight stoppage victories).
Winner- Varner- TKO (Punches) R3 2:54

BW Champ Chase Beebe vs. Miguel Torres- Both fighters fired off kicks before the fight went to the ground. After Torres landed a couple elbows from the bottom, Beebe absorbed a vicious upkick while trying to back off. When the fight went to the ground again, Torres, sporting a sweet mullet, was able to go from shoulder lock, to omaplata, to anaconda choke, to a modified guilotine/reverse rear naked choke. The sequence was awesome. It was pretty sweet, and Torres seems like the real deal. New BW champ- Miguel Torres (21-1), 14 straight victories, 2 in the WEC.
Winner- Torres- (Modified Guillotine Choke) R1 3:59

Leonard Garcia vs. Hiroyuki Takaya- Leonard Garcia (11-3) seemed a little too small for the UFC's 155 weight class, and at 145 he looked fast and powerful. He fired bombs at Takaya, and eventually connected dropping Takaya to the mat and followed up with another head shot.
Winner- Garcia- TKO (Punch) R1 1:31

Antonio Banuelos vs. Manny Tapia- Tapia wins via split decision. It was originally called a split draw, but there was a scoring mistake. Not much to talk about in this one.
Winner- Tapia- Decision (Split)

Under Card

Mark Hominick vs. Josh Grispi- W- Grispi- (Rear-Naked Choke) R1 2:55
Del Hawkins vs. Coty Wheeler- W- Wheeler- (Flying Armbar) R2 1:57
Yoshiro Maeda vs. Charlie Valencia- W- Maeda- KO (Body Kick) R1 2:29
Chance Farrar vs. Micah Miller- W- Miller- KO (Punch) R1 1:39
Scott Jorgensen vs. Damacio Page- W- Page- Dec. (Unanimous) R3 5:00

*Looking at the undercard, they better put the two KO's and the two submission victories on an upcoming Wrecage show.

**I can't believe the crowd actually boo'd during the Razor v. Varner match. It was an exciting fight! There were only two decisions on the entire card, which was one of the WEC's best. True MMA fans do not boo!


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