Monday, February 4, 2008

T.J. O'Brien and Jeese Lund Victorious

Both T.J. O'Brien and Jesse Lund dominated in their performances in Title Fight Championships "Awakening" event on 1/26/08. T.J. used a high kick to knock his opponent to the floor before applying a rear naked choke just 57 seconds into the bout. Jesse won by a keylock submission at 1:40 in the first round.

T.J. O'Brien

Jesse Lund

Full TFC Results (Note: TFC and MCC are merged)

1) Steve Young (146) vs Damian Ware (145)
Young won by verbal submission due to an arm lock at 1:48 in RD 1

2) Mark Gearhart (188) vs Tim Ross (185)
Ross won with a guillotine in RD 2

3) Jesse Lund (204) vs Bryant Reynolds (205)
Lund won with a Kimura at 1:40 in RD 1

4) Ronnie Britt (166) vs Shane Mosby (167)
Britt won with a modified shoulder choke at 3:33 in RD 1

5) Josh Christiansen (204) vs Kris Mason (205)
Christiansen won by tapout due to strikes at 1:16 in RD 1

6) Josh Atwell (144) vs Eric Howser (143)
Atwell won with a RNC at 1:37 in RD 2

7) Cole Jennet vs Jason Purcell (168)
Jennet won with a Keylock at 1:47 in RD 1

8) Jeff Carstens (159) vs TJ O'Brien (155)
O'Brien won with a RNC at 57 seconds in RD 1.

9) Mike Van Meer vs Brian Green (184)
Green won by tapout due to armbar RD 2
Brian Green Wins Middleweight Championship


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Way to win guys.

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Thanks for posting the results.