Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How did Fox feel about MMA in 1998?

Fox and the UFC just signed a mega deal that promises four events to be aired on the broadcast network, sure to shatter all MMA ratings records in the United States.

But back in 1998, when MMA was only four years old in this country, Fox took another angle when covering MMA on it show, "Fox Files." It went the underground, illegal, human cockfighting, dangerous, next moral danger route. Headbutts, yeah, they are really dangerous doc, why they weren't the first thing against the rules is beyond me.

You'll see clips of Yves Edwards, Mark Kerr, Eugene Jackson, Tiki. Around the 8 minute mark is a unique clip of an event being busted by the cops, card shuffled after fighters leave; then continuing after the cops leave, which happened quite a bit back in the day.

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