Wednesday, September 28, 2011

ADCC 2011 Results - Galvao Domination

Andre Galvao is the talk of the Abu Dhabi Combat Club Submission Wrestling 2011 tournament, winning the absolute and under 88KG divisions. Braulio Estima, 2009's big winner, defeated Jacare in the superfight on points, 3-0. Mario Sperry also won a superfight against Renzo Gracie, 5-0.

Galvao, a BJJ blackbelt under Fernando "TererĂª" Augusto, now runs his own school. As you can see below, Brazilian fighters dominated the field, with the exception of Dean Lister taking the under 99KG division.

To win the absolute finale, Galvao defeated Shinsho Anzai, Sergio Moraes, Murilo Santana and Pablo Popovitch via toehold for the championship. In the 88KG division, he defeated Don Ortega, Gunnar Nelson, Pablo Popovitch and Rousimar Palhares. Galvao (6-2 MMA) indicated he may return to the MMA arena, though he enjoys running his school. Galvao's biggest MMA wins have come over John Alessio, Jorge Patino and Jeremiah Metcalf.

You'll notice plenty of high level MMA fighters including Vinny Magalhaes of TUF 8 winning the over 99KG division over Fabricio Werdum on points. 2009's over 99KG winner, this years 2nd place winner, Strikeforce/UFC veteran Fabricio Werdum. Current UFC fighter Rousimar Palhares took 2nd in the under 88KG division, securing three heel hooks to make the final, eventually losing on points to Andre Galvao.

Absolute - Open Weight

1st - Andre Galvao - Brazil
2nd - Pablo Popovitch - Brazil
3rd - Xande Ribeiro - Brazil

Over 99KG - 218 pounds

1st - Vinny Magalhaes - Brazil
2nd - Fabricio Werdum - Brazil
3rd - Roberto Abreu - Brazil

Under 99KG - under 218 pounds

1st - Dean Lister - USA
2nd - Joao Assis - Brazil
3rd - Xande Ribeiro - Brazil

Under 88KG - 194 pounds

1st - Andre Galvao - Brazil
2nd - Rousimar Palhares - Brazil
3rd - Pablo Popovitch - Brazil

Under 77KG - 169 pounds

1st - Marcelo Garcia - Brazil
2nd - Leo Viera - Brazil
3rd - Kron Gracie - Brazil

Under 66KG - 145 pounds

1st - Rafael Mendes - Brazil
2nd - Rubens Charles - Brazil
3rd - Jeff Glover - USA

Women's Over 60KG - 132 pounds

1st - Gabi Garcia - Brazil
2nd - Hanette Staack - Brazil
3rd - Ida Hansson - Sweden

Women's Under 60KG - 132 pounds

1st - Kyra Gracie - Brazil
2nd - Michele Nicolini - Brazil
3rd - Luana Alzugir - Brazil

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