Thursday, April 15, 2010

What happened to Anderson Silva?

Anderson Silva had a bizarre fight performance against Demian Maia at UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Silva clearly dominated the first and second rounds, looking like he had the opportunity to finish the fight.

What happened next were strange taunting actions, clowning, circling, running, and refusing to engage from Anderson Silva. Granted, Silva dominated Maia during the fight, but it seemed that he may have had a mental breakdown or simply felt unchallenged.

Were the antics a disgrace to the sport? That might be a little extreme, but it was one of the oddest fights in the UFC since the Kalib Starnes v. Nate Quarry debacle. In that fight, Starnes, who had reportedly suffered an injury, ran from Quarry extensively during the fight.

Here is a video from Jim Rome's "Rome is Burning" show featuring Dana White.

Dana White states that Anderson did not act like a champion or UFC fighter during the fight. He also called the worst thing he had seen in the sport, including boxing. White stated that he might have thought that Anderson had a mental breakdown in the fight. Near the end, Dana White stated that he would cut Anderson if he repeated the fight.

Dana confirmed that Anderson Silva will fight Chael Sonnen next. He implied that Sonnen will be looking to use the double leg to get the fight to the ground.

If you look at Anderson's record, he has gone 11-0 in the UFC with 7 KO's and 2 submission wins. The two decisions have been very lackluster, but come on. 8 of his 11 fights have been extremely entertaining fights. Looking at other fighters, I'd say that is a good percentage. Let's see what Anderson does against Sonnen.


Anonymous said...

I bet Silva KO's Sonnen in the 1st round. He'll be motivated.

Anonymous said...

Actually one of those 8 wins was against Cote, another lackluster fight. This means that his last three title defenses have shown him to be "not all there." So, it's not that the majority of his fights have been dominating highlight reel wins, it is the current trend is Silva is hesitant and acting strangely.

Anonymous said...

I liked the Cote fight. Anderson wasn't really pushing the pace, but he hit him with some good attacks. Sucks that Cote f-d up his knee though, he has basically vanished. We'll see him fight Belcher next I think.