Wednesday, April 21, 2010

TUF 11 Episode 4

This episode of TUF features 2 fights. The intro segment is basically the Kasey Uscola versus Jamie Yager show. Yager was accused of stealing Kasey's sweatshirt, and it turned out to be in Yager's room. However, the sweater was taken by Kris McCray.

The first fight was Kasey Uscola versus Rich Attonito. Rich came out in a fury, landing multiple punches, eventually dropping Uscola. Rich put on the pressure, dropping ground and pound. Eventually, Uscola tried to get loose and Attonito dropped him with a converted slam.

After, Uscola was able to get a kimura and work his way out of the position. As Uscola got the position, Rich was attempting to get up with a knee on the ground. Uscola then kneed Rich while still grounded getting DQ'd. Unfortunately, Rich also broke his hand during the fight and is out of the competition.

In the next fight Jamie Yager will take on Charley Blanchard. The taller Yager was able to use his reach and superior striking to win the bout. After a failed Blanchard takedown attempt, Yager landed a superman punch, and a barrage of punches to get the TKO.
(Jamie Yager pictured)

We will find out what happends in the Attonito DQ situation now that he has a broken hand and is forced out of the competition. In addition, there is still the wildcard situation to unfold.

3rd Round Participants:

Team Liddell - Kyle Noke, Brad Tavares, Rich Attonito (INJ)

Team Ortiz - Jamie Yager

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