Thursday, April 1, 2010

NCAA Wrestling Championships 2010

The Iowa Hawkeyes captured their third straight NCAA wrestling title, winning big over 2nd place Cornell. Three Iowa wrestlers captured titles. Jayson Ness of Minnesota won the greatest honor in college wrestling, receiving the Dan Hodge Trophy as the wrestler of the year.

Many of these elite athletes will try to continue a path of amateur wrestling, but some will come to mixed martial arts. Strength, conditioning, quickness, mental toughness and the ability to cut weight are all traits of high level wrestlers. The biggest skill that transfers to MMA is the ability to take someone down and defend the take down.

125 champ Matt McDonough is a freshman, so expect continued success from him. Multiple NCAA champ Brent Metcalf will continue to pursue his wrestling career in the international scene. Max Askren, Ben Askren's brother, won his first title defeating a previously undefeated Kirk Smith of Boise State. Jake Varner took his second NCAA 197 pound crown and is looking at international competition.

125- Matt McDonough (Iowa) def Andrew Long (ISU) 3-1
133- Jayson Ness (Minn) def Daniel Dennis (Iowa) 6-4
141- Kyle Dake (Cornell) def Montell Marion (Iowa) 7-3
149- Brent Metcalf (Iowa) def Lance Palmer (OSU) 3-2
157- JP O'Connor (Harv) def Chase Pami (Cal Poly) 6-4
165- Andrew Howe (Wis) def Dan Vallimont (PSU) 9-3
174- Jay Borschel (Iowa) def Mack Lewnes (Cornell) 6-2
184- Max Askren (Miss) def Kirk Smith (Boise) 10-3
197- Jake Varner (ISU) def Craig Brester (Nebraska) 5-2
285- David Zabriskie (ISU) def Jared Rosholt (Ok St) 3-2


1. Iowa - 134.5
2. Cornell - 90
3. Iowa State - 75
4. Wisconsin - 70.5
5. Oklahoma - 69
6. Oklahoma State - 65
7. Minnesota - 63
8. Ohio State - 62
9. Penn State - 49
10. Missouri - 48

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