Thursday, December 11, 2008

UFC: Fight For Troops Results

The Fight For the Troops card ended out to be one of the best shows in recent memory. It also was one of the most brutal, as the injury list for this card will end up being long and plentiful. The fights themselves were exciting. There was an abundance of star power giving support to the Intrepid Fallen Hero's fund. Some were Jack Black, Charlie Sheen, Lauren Prepon and Everlast.
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Josh Koscheck def. Yoshiyuki Yoshida via KO (punch) R1, 2:15- Koscheck and Yoshida briefly circled before Koscheck threw a massive right hand. The punch connected and Yoshida was knocked out standing. Koscheck followed up the punch and Yoshida collapsed violently to the canvas before the ref stopped it. The brutal KO won the knockout of the night award.

Mike Swick def. Jonathan Goulet via TKO (strikes) R1, 0:33- This fight didn't last long as Swick threw a quick combination that landed. While stunned, Goulet went for a single leg. Unfortunately for Goulet, Swick unleased a fury of punches before Goulet was out cold and the ref jumped in.

Steve Cantwell def. Razak Al-Hassan via technical sub (armbar) R1, 4:04- Razak Al-Hassan pressed the action from the start of the bout, throwing body kicks and punches. Al-Hassan was dropping his hands after the strikes however, and Cantwell answered with a high kick which dropped Al-Hassan. After some time on the ground, Cantwell secured an arm-bar. Al-Hassan didn't tap and tried to roll out of it. Unfortunately, it was too deep and Cantwell wrenched it until the ref stepped in. The arm was likely broke and a tendon damaged. I'll try to update you on his condition.

Tim Credeur def. Nate Loughran via TKO (injury) R2, 5:00- Tim Credeur dominated the stand-up in route to winning his second straight fight inside the UFC. Credeur has an awkward stance that makes it difficult for opponents to time. Credeur also looked good when the fight hit the mat. In the second, Credeur struck Loughran in the ribs a couple times with kicks and a punch, and it appeared that was the reason he couldn't continue.

Jim Miller def. Matt Wiman via unanimous decision- This was the first fight broadcast of the night and lived up to the fight of the night honors that it received. Miller hit Wiman with punches, kicks, body kicks, body punches, a tight guillotine choke, and an upkick, but Wiman didn't go down. The fight ended with Miller trying to sink another submission. Miller took the fight on short notice and fought with some serious fire.

Ben Saunders def. Brandon Wolff via TKO (strikes) R1, 1:49- Saunders put on his best Anderson Silva impersonation to work over Brandon Wolff. He threw knee after knee after knee before crumpling Brandon Wolff. He left with a massive lump on his head after the fight. I haven't seen a hematoma like that in some time.

Dale Hartt def. Corey Hill via TKO (leg injury) R2, 0:20- Corey Hill was winning the first round of this fight before coming out in the second and throwing a low kick. The kick was checked in the shin by Dale Hart and Hill's tibia snapped. It was one of the most gruesome injuries you will see. It looked like Jose Landi-Jons from TKO 32.

Steve Bruno def. Johnny Rees via sub (rear-naked choke) R2, 3:44
Luigi Fioravanti def. Brodie Farber via unanimous decision
Justin McCully def. Eddie Sanchez via unanimous decision

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