Thursday, November 6, 2008

TUF Episode 8 - Oddball Edition

This episode featured a fight between 155 pound fighters Dave Kaplan and Phillipe Nover. What ensued before the fight was one of the more bizarre and crazy displays ever seen on an episode of The Ultimate Fighter.

After seeing a recap of the Vinny Magalhaes victory over Jules Bruchez things go off base. At the house, bored Team Nogueira fighters decide to steal Tom Lawlor's fruit tray. While on the show, fighters can put anything on a wish list for the producers to get. Lawlor keeps asking for his fruit tray, and it is eaten prior to him getting home from practice.

With Lawlor getting more peeved he decides to retaliate. He does so by urinating in his own fruit tray that he recently got. Then Shane Nelson, Vinny and Junie decide to add a little of their own flavor to the tray. On cue, Ryan Bader of Team Nogueira grabs the tray after practice and the team eats it. Lawlor has a good time telling them that there was pee in the tray. While Kyle and Bader don't seem to care, Phillipe is freaking out.

The retailiation, Phillipe has noticed that his sushi he orders keeps getting eaten. Knowing that it is probably Dave Kaplan from Team Mir, he tries to brainstorm a way to get back at him. Kyle Kingsbury figures a good way would be to bust one out on the sushi. Lets just say, Kaplan ate it and threatened to poop in everyone's stuff.

The next Fear Factor like moment came when Phillipe ordered a Filipino and Asian delicacy called Balut for his teammates. It is a fertilized duck egg, just about ready to hatch. Phillipe goes first, eating his Balut and egging on his teammates to try. Of course, Kyle Kingsbury is the first to join in with Bader and others giving it a try. They say it tastes like egg with the dark meat of a chicken.

In between, Junie complains that his team isn't training and tries to give Phillipe some advice going into the bout. If anything, it just gives Phillipe more confidence. Junie is annoyed with Kaplan's self confidence and Kaplan thinking he is smart. Kaplan rattles off capitols of various countries, including Zaire, now known as the Republic of Congo.

Finally, the fight occurs and Phillipe is very impressive. He blasts Kaplan with three unanswered punches, gets the takedown and rear naked choke. Everyone was impressed with his performance, including Dana White, who commented that Phillipe looked like a young version of GSP.

A defeated Dave Kaplan with his eye busted up still thinks he should have won the fight and is a better fighter than Phillipe. To close the show, Mir says, New Zealand, and Kaplan rattles back, Wellington. Now that is deadpan comedy.
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Teams are tied with 3 wins each, (Team Mir italics)
Second round LHW- Ryan Bader, Vinny Magalhaes, Eliot Marshall
Second round LW- Phillipe Nover, Efrain Escudero, Junie Browning

Two fights remain in the first round - LHW- Kyle Kingsbury v. Krystof Soszynski and LW- John Polakowski v. George Roop.

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