Wednesday, November 12, 2008

TUF 8 - Krzysztof Style

This episode features a fight between Kyle Kingsbury and Krzysztof Soszynski. Krzysztof is a former fighter from the IFL who holds an armbar victory over Devin Cole and a unanimous decision over Dan Christison at heavyweight. Kingsbury is a former football player for Arizona State University who holds a 7-1 record and has been fighting since June of 2006. Apparently he had only 6 months of ground training before the fight and also came down from heavyweight.

Before the fight, we get to see last week's loser Dave Kaplan hit the bottle. Tom Lawlor and Dave down a bottle of vodka and get a little crazy. Apparently some antics were editted at the last second and that was probably a good idea. Dave says, "I can not be knocked out" and begs Tom to punch him in the face. Finally, Dave is struck in the jaw by Tom and Dave goes completely limp before waking up a few seconds later. Dave still denied being unconscious. Delusional?

Next, the coaches challenge goes down. Mir basically starts hyping himself up again stating that he can beat Nogueira in any contest. Nogueira stated that while soccer is Brazil's number one sport, he was very bad as a kid and never really played. Despite those words, Noguera is physched about winning the 10K for himself and a grand for each of his players. Mir doesn't put much effort in the game and ends up losing to Nogueira who dives after balls and gets into it.

The fight starts and Krzysztof lands a couple punches to Kyle's face. They get to the fence and Kyle lands a couple knees, one of them getting a little close to the cup. After the break-up, the fighters end up in the same position. This time Kyle gets underhooks and gets a takedown. Unfortunately, Kyle doesn't posture quick enough and gets stuck in an armbar.

Kyle takes the loss in stride and tries to pump up his other teammates. Krzysztof meanwhile is icing his injured thumb. He hurt his hand in his first fight and the thumb is still bothering him. We'll see if it affects his performance in the next round.
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