Monday, August 4, 2008

WEC 35 Results

Carlos Condit def. Hiromitsu Miura by TKO at 4:43, R4- This fight was an absolute war. For almost four rounds, the fighters traded big combinations. Miura was able to execute some outstanding judo throws, but could never mount much offense. Condit ran through a litiny of submission attempts, but none ended up working. Miura was able to get sweeps and reversals. After three extremely hard fought rounds, Condit landed a nice knee to Miura's temple in the end of the fourth. A couple more strikes and the bout was called, Condit the victor.
*An instant fight of the year canidate.
*Condit retains WW Belt.

Steve Cantwell def. Brian Stann by TKO at 4:01, R2- The first round saw Cantwell throwing more precise strikes to Stann. Stann ate numerous shots early and often. In the second, it was too much and the fight was stopped.
*Cantwell is the new LHW champ.

Jamie Varner def. Marcus Hicks by TKO at 2:08, R1- The match was an action filled 2 minutes. Hicks got inside on Varner in the clinch before getting a takedown. But after a failed guillotine attempt, Hicks was caught with some nasty knees, punches and eventually the fight was called.
*Varner retains LW Title

Brian Bowles def. Damacio Page by Submission (Guillotine Choke) at 3:30, R1- Bowles ate some punches before attempting a takedown. Page then attempted to get a double leg, but Bowles locked in a guillotine choke for the victory.

Josh Grispi def. Micah Miller by TKO at 0:50, R1- Grispi fired some nasty low kicks dropping Miller to the ground. Afterwards, Grispi landed a huge overhand right that crumpled Miller to the canvas. Miller protested the stoppage, but the replay showed Miller's knee bending at an awkward angle as he went to the ground. I would have called it.

Brock Larson def. Carlo Prater by KO at 0:37, R1- After a very brief amount of circling, Larson unloaded a nasty left hand that sent Prater to the ground. Larson followed with a couple more punches before the bout was called.

Not Shown:
Blas Avena def. Dave Terrel by TKO at 1:07, R1
Shane Roller def. Todd Moore by Submission (Guillotine) at 3:00, R1
Mike Budnik def. Greg McIntyre by Submission (Triangle) at 3:21, R3
Scott Jorgensen def. Kenji Osawa by Unanimous Decision

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