Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Video of the Day- Shungo Oyama v. Peter Aerts

Here is Shungo Oyama v. Peter Aerts, a fight from K1 Dynamite 2005. Shungo is an excellent fighter, who always seems to fight top competition. While he has some losses to the best, he also has beaten some excellent fighters including Valentijn Overeem, Renzo Gracie, Carlos Newton and Rodrigo Gracie.

Peter Aerts is a kickboxing legend. He has the following titles:
* 2007 K-1 World GP Runner Up
* 2006 K-1 World GP Runner Up
* 1998 K-1 World GP champion
* 1995 K-1 World GP champion
* 1995 WMTA World Muay Thai Super Heavyweight champion
* 1994 K-1 World GP champion
* 1994 The Night of the Stars tournament champion
* 1991 WMTA World Muay Thai Heavyweight champion
* 1990 IKBF World Heavyweight champion

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