Wednesday, October 14, 2009

TUF 10 - Wren's Way

The 5th episode of The Ultimate Fighter featured a short and sweet fight to determine yet another 2nd round qualifier. In the elimination bout were UFC veteran Wes Sims (22-2) against the 22 year old Justin Wren (6-1).

In the start of the episode, Wes "Murdock" Sims is seen giving Zak Jensen a hard time. Jensen has become sort of a punching bag this season. The former Northern Illinois football player takes all the jokes in stride. Until a practice clip is shown of Sims triangle choking Jensen out in practice.

Matt Miotrone meanwhile again is drawing attention to himself. Instead of calling out all the proposed fight match-ups, Miotrone now is nursing a shoulder injury. After one practice, the former NFL lineman asked coach Rashad if he could get a cortisone shot. Rashad vehemently denied. Miotrone's injury waxes and wanes as he skips certain practices.

Justin Wren reveals that he is one of the younger participants and comes from a Greco Roman wrestling background. He trains out of TUF 4 winner Travis Lutter's gym in Texas. Wes Sims has many fights under his belt including two with Frank Mir. Sims trains out of Team Hammerhouse, which is led by NCAA champion wrestlers and former UFC champs Mark Coleman and Kevin Randleman.

The fight is short and sweet. After a couple ranging jabs land by Sims, Wren works him against the fence. After a denied takedown attempt the fighters break. Wren manages his way back into Sims range, easily gets a body lock takedown and gets into side mount.

From there, Wren locks in a tight arm triangle choke. With Sims arm trapped he refuses to tap. In seconds, ref Herb Dean grabs his free arm. It appears to have life left, but on the second try he is gone. Sims was choked unconscious, but snaps to pretty fast.
(Justin Wren pictured)

Remaining Fighters:


Darrill Schoonover (10-0) - XFC LHW Champ
Matt Matrione (0-0) - Former NFL Lineman
Mike Wessel (6-1) - UFC Vet


Scott Junk (6-2) - Heavy hands, UFC vet
Marcus Jones (4-1) - Former NFL Defensive End
Zak Jensen (7-3) - Former NIU wrestler/football player


2nd Round Qualifiers - Jon Madsen, James McSweeney, Roy Nelson, Brendan Schaub, Justin Wren

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