Thursday, October 8, 2009

TUF 10 Ep 4 - Anaconda

This episode of The Ultimate Fighter featured the diverging coaching styles of Rampage Jackson and Rashad Evans as they attempt to mold their fighters. We get a good look at the training preparations, strategies and mental aspect of the fight game.

Early on in the show, it is clear that Kimbo Slice would love another shot to get back in the octogan. All it really takes is someone getting hurt for him to come back. Cue in "Big" Marcus Jones sweating like crazy and almost passing out and you could see Kimbo might just have the chance to come back.

Meanwhile, Rashad and his coaches Mike Van Arsdale and Trevor Whitman strategize about upcoming fight picks. We see them ask elite greco wrestler Justin Wren to fight power puncher Scott Junk, Brendan Schaub to fight Demico Rogers and Matt Miotrone to fight Marcus Jones.

That would leave Darrill Schoonover and Mike Wessell to fight either Wes Sims or Zak Jensen. Justin Wren comes back to the room and lets Rashad know that Scott is his best friend in the house and training partner before the show, Rashad takes that into consideration. Obviously, if someone on Rashad's team lost, those picks would go out the window.

When Wren arrives back in his room after training, mysteriously Scott Junk inquires about Justin fighting him. Apparently Matt Miotrone had clued him into all the fight picks that Rashad and the coaches had considered. While Miotrone apologizes for his blunder, Jon Madsen and eventually Rashad wonder if Miotrone is trying to avoid a fight with Marcus Jones.

The match-up is made of Brendan Schaub versus Demico Rogers. During training, Brendan is instructed to use the jab that got him a boxing Gold Gloves championship. Rogers is instructed to take Schaub down and pound him out. Each fighter is hyped up, but Travis Whitman really gets into Schaubs ear, telling him he is the best ever. It is obvious that the mental aspect of the fight game is critical to success in the TUF tournament.

As the fight starts, Brendan looks to use his jab. Demico quickly attempts a couple takedowns which are denied. However, Demico is able to eventually get the takedown. Demico doesn't do much in guard until the ref asks for action. From there, Demico landed a couple big elbows. He stood up and dropped a little more punishment down on Schaub.

With Demico back in guard, he is instructed to pass, and gets in half guard. As soon as Demico rested, Schaub bucked him off and got top position. After a brief scramble, Schaub locked in an anaconda choke for the win near the end of the first round.
Brendan Schaub
(Brendan Schaub pictured)


2nd Round Qualifiers - Jon Madsen, James McSweeney, Roy Nelson, Brendan Schaub

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