Thursday, October 29, 2009

TUF 10, Matt the Rat

This episode of TUF focused on former NFL player Matt Mitrione as he struggles with living in the isolation that is the ultimate fighter house. Matt has lost his temper, tried to play mind games with teammates, and looked completely out of focus.

With Matt acting crazy and the fighters bored, Wes Sims seems to be the guy to liven things up. While clad in a massive black gi, the 6'10" Sims looked to scale the wall as a ninja, and sneak up on Mitrione as he shot some hoops alone. As Sims crept closer, he began hiding in the trees. The secrecy continued until he was right up on Mitrione. Hilarious.

Rampage and Rashad continued to bicker at each other, mocking the KO's that each has suffered in their superb careers. The animosity seems to boil over to practice sessions.

The final fights are announced as Mitrione will fight Scott Junk. That leaves Marcus Jones fighting Mike Wessell in the final fight. In a weird move, Mitrione drops Junk a note, saying that Wessell was scared to fight him. Why did Mitrione completely throw Wessell under the bus? Maybe just trying to play mind games.

As the fight between Junk and Mitrione starts, Mitrione clearly has the advantage in size and reach. Miotrone landing jabs and kicks with effectiveness. The smaller Junk tries to throw a kick, and a Mitrione jab lands square in Junks face. Apparently, Junk was poked in the eye.

Despite having his eyelid inside out, he is peppered by Mitrione. Junk tries to kick, but that is caught by Mitrione who punches Junk again and throws him down. Junk tries for a desperate single and is teed off on by Junk. Near the end of the round, Junk manages a brief flurry.

In the second, Junk manages a takedown, but Mitrione keeps throwing punches. Both fighters run out of gas, barely able to throw punches as they battle until the end of the second. Two judges score it for Mitrione, one scores it a draw.

With the win it is now 7-0 for Rashad. Rampage lives up to his nickname, destroying a door in the gym that is apparently made out of cardboard and toothpicks.
Matt Mitrione
(Matt Mitrione on the Vikings)

2nd Round Qualifiers - Jon Madsen, James McSweeney, Roy Nelson, Brendan Schaub, Justin Wren, Darrill Schoonover, Matt Mitrione

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