Thursday, October 22, 2009

TUF 10 - Darrill Stands Up

In the sixth episode of The Ultimate Fighter, Team Rashad's Darrill Schoonover fights Team Rampage's Zak Jensen. Schoonover (10-0) is a long time martial artist that was active in the Army for two years. Zak Jensen (7-3) is a former Northern Illinois football player and wrestler.

They show a healthy dose of footage of the fighters picking on Zak Jensen, whom Kimbo nicknames "Linderman." Wes Sims decides to craft a betting pool, with fighters picking dates on when he would break down mentally. Zak seems to take a beating in practice at well, finally doing well in the last practice.

Darrill is first shown drinking before practice and then the coaches talking to him about not drinking. Darrill said after the show he actually only drank the first two days, and he didn't fight till the 3rd week. Darrill is a pretty interesting characters, discussing tattoo's he got while drunk.

At practice, Rampage again gets at Darrill, calling him his usual nickname and trying to get under his skin. Darrill gets in Rampages face challenging him to fight at 205, and later saying in the confessional he would have headbutted Rampage, because anything goes in a street fight.

The fight gets off to a bang, as both fighter find their range and Darrill closes in. After getting in a clinch, Darrill unloads multiple knees into Jensen's midsection. As they broke free, Darrill let his hands fly as Jensen swung wildly and Darrill tagged him several times with straight punches.

While dazed, Jensen went for a double leg and eventually got a takedown. Darrill got his right leg up, and instead of defending the upcoming triangle, decided to throw hammerfists. Schoonover worked the triangle deeper as Jensen threw more hammerfists. Eventually, Jensen was choked out and became unresponsive.

With the win, Team Rashad now has 6 straight victories. Rampage's photo exaggerating Team Rashad was met with laughs.
(Darrill Schoonover pictured)

Remaining Fighters:


Matt Matrione (0-0) - Former NFL Lineman
Mike Wessel (6-1) - UFC Vet


Scott Junk (6-2) - Heavy hands, UFC vet
Marcus Jones (4-1) - Former NFL Defensive End


2nd Round Qualifiers - Jon Madsen, James McSweeney, Roy Nelson, Brendan Schaub, Justin Wren, Darrill Schoonover

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