Thursday, September 17, 2009

UFN 19 - Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City was ready and rocking for the return of the UFC for the first time since the epic UFC 4 tournament rolled into town in December of 1994. That tournament had an epic finish with Royce Gracie narrowly defeating Dan Severn after taking a beating for 15 minutes. This Ultimate Fight night featured three epic fights before the main event.

Nate Diaz def Melvin Guillard via sub (guillotine) R2, 2:13- In the main event, Nate Diaz was able to get back on track with a submission victory over the uber athletic Melvin Guillard. In the first round, Guillard went on the offensive, tagging Diaz in the eye knocking him to the canvas. When he got up, blood streamed from Diaz' eye.

However, in the second round, Guillard got a little too comfortable and found himself stuck in a modified guillotine. Soon after Guillard was tapping.
*Diaz wins Submission of the Night.

Gray Maynard def Roger Huerta via split dec- Huerta looked to utilize his advantage in kickboxing to keep Maynard at bay from long distance. Maynard consistently tried to close the distance and tag Huerta with a big punch.

In the third round, Maynard finally got the fight to the mat and locked in a kimura. It seemed as if Huerta's shoulder was going to be ripped off, but somehow he managed to roll out of it. Huerta's heart will never be questioned. I scored the fight 29-28 Maynard, the judges scored it 30-27 twice for Maynard, once 29-28 Huerta.

Carlos Condit def Jake Ellenberger via split dec- Ellenberger didn't get the memo that he was supposed to be a big time underdog. In the first round he worked over Condit with big punches, causing Condit to go into the fetal position on numerous occasions. The ref did a good job letting the action go.

In the second and third rounds, Condit seemed to get better positions on the ground, get mount, and almost get submissions. But, Ellenberger always seemed to escape. I scored the fight a 28-28 draw, while the judges scored it 29-28 twice for Condit, once 29-28 Ellenberger.

Nate Quarry def Tim Credeur via unanimous dec- This fight was an all-out battle and definitely a contender for fight of the year. In the first round, Credeur looked to be landing more effective combinations, kicks and jabs. Near the end of the round, Credeur send Quarry to the canvas and followed him to the ground, nearly getting a fight ending rear naked choke.

In the second and third, Quarry was able to land big right hands, knocking Credeur to the canvas. From there, Quarry unleashed some good ground and pound, with Creduer countering with submission attempts and striking from his back. The crowd was screaming throughout, as both fighters threw punches back and forth.
*Quarry and Credeur win Fight of the Night Bonus.
(Nate Quarry pictured)


Brian Stann def Steve Cantwell via unanimous dec
Mike Pyle def Chris Wilson via sub (guillotine) R3, 2:15
C.B. Dollaway def Jay Silva via unanimous dec
Mike Pierce def Brock Larson via unanimous dec
Ryan Jensen def Steve Steinbeiss via sub (guillotine) R1, 3:56
Jeremy Stephens def Justin Buchholz via TKO (Cut) R1, 3:23

*Stephens wins KO of the Night

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