Thursday, September 24, 2009

TUF 10 - Episode 2 UK Again

TUF 10's second episode again focused on fighter training as opposed to in house antics which has been a blessing so far. While the fight this week wasn't the greatest, the training aspect was nice to see.

In the beginning of the episode, Kimbo Slice seems a little concerned about an approaching fight. The training depicts Tiki Ghosen and Rampage teaching Kimbo how to scramble out of takedowns and defend himself on the ground. Kimbo described himself as a sponge, willing to soak up knowledge.

Meanwhile on Team Rashad, Roy "Big Country" Nelson was protesting certain training techniques, telling coaches about his way to do things. After practice, the coaches had a heart to heart with Nelson, whom they described as a self made fighter. When they asked, "Do you want to get knocked out again by Arlovski" everything seemed to get put in perspective for the large fighter. Brendan Schaub described in his blog that after the conversation, Roy became a leader of their team.

The second fight was announced, as the massive Wes Shivers was taking on the smaller James McSweeney. McSweeney was mainly trained as a kickboxer, being on the K-1 level and having over a hundred pro kickboxing matches. McSweeney is trained out of the Greg Jackson gym with Rashad in New Mexico.

Shivers meanwhile was a pro football player before getting into MMA. He was drafted by the Tennessee Titans in the 7th round before going to the Atlanta Falcons. The former offensive lineman is absolutely massive at 6'7" who has to cut to the 265 pound weight limit.

The fight begins and McSweeney is content to throw stinging leg kicks as Shivers counters with punches. Unfortunately for Shivers he doesn't check many kicks and they accumulate. Soon into the first, he is able to get a trip takedown and nearly gets a kimura locked. However McSweeney is able to roll out and get the fight standing.

After a couple minutes of Shivers being tired, the second round starts. McSweeney again punishes Shivers with kicks and nearly gets a high kick to connect. Somehow, Shivers again gets a takedown and looks to get some ground and pound in. Both fighters are completely gassed at this point.

As the decision is read, McSweeney gets a majority decision, 19-19, 20-18, 20-18. I'm guessing the scores went to him mainly because of Shivers gassing out first. I scored the fight 19-19.
James McSweeney
(James McSweeney pictured)

After two bouts: TEAM RASHAD 2, TEAM RAMPAGE 0

2nd Round- Jon Madsen, James McSweeney

Next Match-up- Roy Nelson v. Kimbo Slice

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