Friday, September 4, 2009

TUF 10 Cast Confirmed!

Meet The Heavyweights

With confirmation that Kimbo Slice will be a contestant in TUF 10, you can bet it will be the most hyped season of the Ultimate Fighter. Kimbo will garner the attention of the casual fan, creating a massive buzz. You can bet he will be featured in the Spike TV ads for the show. Recently, the UFC has confirmed the cast members listed below.

The coaches are also big names in former UFC champs Rashad Evans and Rampage Jackson. Each has personality and flair which you can bet will be shown during the season. Rashad was the winner of the previous HW TUF tournament in season 2. Rampage was coach of TUF 7.

Season 10 was slated to begin taping on June 1st, with 16 heavyweights competing for the title. This year, there will be no fight to make it in the house and feature only the big boys. In addition, there are rumors that three ex-NFL players tried out for the show.

Here are some of the contestants:

Kimbo Slice (3-1)- Wins over Tank Abbott and James Thompson
Mike Wessel (6-1)- Win over Pat Castillo (7-3), loss in UFC
Scott Junk (6-2)- Win over Jimmy Ambriz (13-11), loss in UFC
Darrell Schoonover (9-0)- Win over Rex Richards @ Shark Fights
Justin Wren (8-1) - Accomplished wrestler
Abe Wagner (6-2 )- Decicion win over Sherman Pendergarst

Zak Jensen (7-3)- Former NIU football player and wrestler
Wes Sims (22-12, 0-3 UFC)- Wins over Kimo Leopoldo and Marcus Silveira, 6'10"
Roy Nelson (13-4)- IFL HW Champ, wins over Brad Imes, Fabiano Scherner and Antoine Jaoude
(Roy Nelson pictured)

NFL Players on TUF 10:

Tampa Bay Bucaneer - Marcus Jones (4-2) 6'6" defensive tackle
Atlanta Falcons- Wes Shivers (0-1 or 6-1)- massive guy 6'7"
New York Giants- Matt Miotrone (0-0) 6'4" defensive lineman
Brendan Schaub (4-0)- almost made Buffalo Bills, Arena League player



Boxing Bags said...

This is going to be great!

Kimbo is an awesome street brawler but everyone knows he has no ground skills

From what I hear Dana White can't stand him so you know he is gonna get put through the ringer!


First decent ground fighter will tap out Kimbo. Big ratings for the UFC. Should be a good season.

Anonymous said...

Crazy season, kimbo gonna get KO'd!

MMA fan said...

Line-up just keeps getting crazier. Roy Nelson has this one I think.