Sunday, June 14, 2009

UFC 99 Review

UFC 99 featured the promotions first journey into German soil. The fight card featured many decisions, much to dismay of the rowdy crowd. Overall, there were some solid fights in Ben Saunders v. Mike Swick and Franklin v. Silva.


Dan Hardy def Marcus Davis via Dec (Split)- This fight was very close as the fight could have easily been called a draw. The fight was hyped a little too much as the fireworks didn't really happen. Davis probably took the first with a trip takedown and inflicting the most damage. In the second, Hardy dropped Davis with a knee and in the third Hardy looked more fresh opening a cut on Davis' nose.

Spencer Fisher def Caol Uno via Dec (Unanimous)- This fight generated quick a few boo's from the German crowd that was probably getting a little bored with the decisions. I thought Uno and Fisher were close through two rounds, and Uno stole the third round with a takedown and ground and pound.

Mike Swick def Ben Saunders via TKO (Punches) R2, 3:47- This fight turned out to be one of the more entertaining bouts on the card. Swick and Saunders seemed evenly matched lanky fighters for 170 pounds. Swick was the quicker fighter of the night, getting takedowns and doing more damage with his strikes. Saunders got off a couple knees, but wasn't able to match Swick. In the second, Swick began to dominate, landing a flush right to the temple of Saunders. Swick followed it up with a massive flurry to win the TKO.
*Swick wins KO of the Night bonus.

Mirko Filipovic def Mustapha al Turk via TKO (Punches) R1, 3:06- Mirko Cro Cop was the more precise and game fighter, damaging Al-Turk from all different angles. After defending a takedown, Cro Cop dropped Al-Turk with punches. Going in the guard, Cro Cop landed some ground and pound before allowing Al-Turk to stand. From there, it looked as if Cro Cop landed a nasty eye poke, which wasn't seen by the ref and ended in Cro Cop punishing Al-Turk for the TKO.

Cain Velasquez def Cheick Kongo via Dec (Unanimous)- Velasquez was struck twice hard by Kongo which stunned him standing. Unfortunately for Kongo, as soon as that happened, Cain took Kongo to the ground and landed numerous strikes. Cain scored about ten takedowns throughout the fight. He will likely fight Shane Carwin for a title shot.

Rich Franklin def Wanderlei Silva via Dec (Unanimous)- Franklin was the more precise fighter this night, landing strikes and getting takedowns. In the second, Franklin was able to drop Silva with a stiff jab, but took his own big punch from Silva moments later. Near the end of the second, Franklin landed a nice head kick. In the third, the match was pretty even with Franklin probably getting a takedown to seal the fight.
*Franklin wins Fight of the Night bonus.


John Hathaway def Ricky Story via Dec (Unanimous)
Stefan Struve def Denis Stojnic via Sub (Rear-Naked Choke) R2, 2:37
Paul Kelly def Roli Delgado via Dec (Unanimous)
Paul Taylor def Peter Sobotta via Dec (Unanimous)
Dennis Siver def Dale Hartt via Sub (Rear Naked Choke) R1, 3:23
Terry Etim def Justin Buchholz via Sub (Brabo Choke) R2, 2:38

*Etim wins submission of the Night bonus.

(Rich Franklin pictured)

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