Monday, June 1, 2009

Dream 9 - Super Hulk

The first round of the "Superhulk" tournament kicked off with Gegard Mousasi earning yet another victory, this time against super-heavyweight Mark Hunt. Ikuhisa Minowa and Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou were also able to topple their respective giants in Bob Sapp and Jan Nortje.

Jose Canseco's black pajama pants couldn't stop a Hong Man Choi beating, as Canseco crumpled to the canvas after attempting a kick and ate numerous punches before tapping. Apparenty Canseco had injured his knee before training. The final four of the Super Hulk tournament are Sokoudjou, Minowa, Mousasi and Choi.

The Dream FW tournament also wrapped, with three upsets, and a final four of Tokoro, Fernandes, Takaya and Warren. Joe Warren toppled the seemingly untouchable Kid Yamamoto for his first loss since 2002. The Mayhem Miller v. Jacare MW championship was not determined, as Miller struck Jacare in the head with a kick while Jacare was grounded. The bout was declared a no contest.

Ikuhisa Minowa def Bob Sapp Sub (Achilles Lock) R1, 1:15
Hong Man Choi def Jose Canseco Sub (Punches) R1, 1:17
Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou def Jan Nortje TKO (Punches) R1, 2:29
Gegard Mousasi def Mark Hunt Sub(Armbar) R1, 1:19
Tatsuya Kawajiri def Gesias Cavalcante Dec (Unanimous)
Hideo Tokoro def Abel Cullum Sub(Rear-Naked Choke) R2, 1:38
Hiroyuki Takaya def Yoshiro Maeda TKO (Punches) R1, 9:40
Bibiano Fernandes def Masakazu Imanari Dec (Unanimous)
Joe Warren def Norifumi Yamamoto Dec (Split)
Ronaldo Souza no contest Jason Miller (Illegal Kick)

(Ikuhisa Minowa, now with a 42-30 record, pictured)

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