Thursday, February 6, 2014

Video of the Day - Popovich v. Askren

Here is Pablo Popovich grappling Ben Askren at the 2009 Abu Dhabi in the 77 KG (169 pound) division which took place in Barcelona, Spain.

Pablo Popovich, a 4th degree BJJ blackbelt, has several accolades including a 2009 ADCC championship, and grappling wins over Marcelo Garcia, Gregor Gracie, Jake Shields, Renzo Gracie and Saulo Ribiero. He was recently in the news after Thiago Silva came to his gym with a gun honking his horn. Silva is currently in jail awaiting a trial on aggravated assault charges.

Askren was coming off an appearance in the 2008 Olympics in freestyle wrestling. Askren defeated Toni Lindin via submission in his first bout. Later in 2009, Askren would win gold in the 2009 FILA World Grappling Championships defeating UFC veteran Jacob Volkmann. Askren will next compete in One FC in May of 2014.

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