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TUF 12 Coaches and Contestants

On September 15, 2010, the 12th season of TUF will kick off pitting coaches Georges St. Pierre against TUF 1 veteran Josh Koscheck. The lid has been tight on rumors surrounding the show, as barely any names have been leaked.
(GSP punching BJ Penn)

The assistant coach names have all been leaked and are fairly predicatable. St. Pierre has tabbed his striking coach Phil Nurse, John Danaher, Jean-Charles Skarbowsky and Shawn Williams. Koscheck has an AKA heavy presence with Dave Camarillo, Bob Cook, Daniel Cormier and Javier Mendez.
(Josh Koscheck Pictured)

The show will feature 28 lightweight fighters that will be whittled down to 14 making the house. They will again feature the "wildcard" bout in the second round. In TUF 11, Kris McCray won the wildcard bout over Kasey Uscola and made his way to the finals.

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Here is a of contestants:

Cody McKenzie (11-0)- Team Fancy Pants member has 9 straight guillotine wins fighting in the Pacific Northwest.

Mike Richman (7-0)- The former Marine has 5 submissions and 2 TKO's while fighting in Minnesota mostly at 145.

Joseph Duffy (7-0)- The Irish uber prospect started as a kickboxer and has since relied on his BJJ skills to rattle off 6 submission wins. Biggest win over Norman Parke who is currently 11-2.

Sako Chivitchyan (5-0)- California based Armenian fighter has 3 submission wins.

Pablo Garza (6-0)- This North Dakota based fighter is also listed at 7-0, with 5 submission wins.

Jason Brenton (3-0)- Colorado based fighter also listed at 6-0.

Nam Phan (15-7)- The popular California based fighter is a Strikeforce and Sengoku veteran, with TKO wins over Saad Awad, Hideki Kadowaki and Shad Smith.

Johnathan Brookins (11-3)- Bellator and WEC veteran has wins over Luis Palomino, Stephen Ledbetter, Yves Jabouin and TUF 5's Allen Berubie.

TJ O'Brien (14-3)- Iowa based fighter is tall with long limbs he uses for the triangle. TJ has 13 submission wins, 11 via the triangle.

Mike Budnik (9-4)- former pro rollerblader went 1-3 in the WEC beating Greg McIntyre.

Dane Sayers (7-1)- North Dakota based fighter has 6 first round wins.

Marc Stevens (12-5)- Ring of Combat veteran is currently on a 4 fight win streak, has fought in 185, 170 and 155 divisions.

Jeff Lentz (5-1)- New Jersey based lightweight has 3 TKO's and 1 sub on his resume.

Steve Magdaleno (6-2)- Pancrase veteran trains at the VMAT gym with Vladimir Matyushenko. Also listed at 5-1.

Sevak Magakian (8-3)- The tall judo fighter has 7 submission wins in the 1st round.

Toby Grear (7-4)- California based fighter has a victory over IFL/Affliction veteran Brett Cooper.

Kyle Watson (12-6)- Watson trains out of Matt Hughes' Hit Gym, he currently has a 4 fight win streak, 10 of his wins have come via submission.

JJ Ambrose (13-2)- AKA product has fought for Affliction.

Aaron Wilkinson (6-3)- Fighter from the UK has 4 sub wins.

Alex "Bruce Leeroy" Caceres (4-2)- Florida based fighter is a KOTC and G-Force vet with 2 TKO's and 2 Subs in his 4 wins.

Andy Main (4-1)- New Jersey based fighter trains with Dan and Jim Miller.

Spencer Paige (5-2)- East Coast fighter hasn't fought since 2007, has 2 head kick wins on his resume.

Daniel Head (6-2)- Indiana BJJ fighter has 6 first round finishes.

Mike Johnson (9-4)- Missouri based Gracie Barra fighter. Record could be 9-10.

Amir Khillah (6-4)- Jeremy Horn trained fighter has 4 submission wins.

Paul Barrow (3-1)- Florida based fighter out of Gracie Tampa.

Ariel Sexton (6-2)- Canadian figher has never gone to decision, fought mainly in Costa Rica.

Ran Weathers (13-7)- Weathers trains out of Team Jackson in New Mexico.

*Charles "Krazy Horse" Bennett was originally rumored, but definitely isn't in the cast having fought in June and July. Eric Wisely is also not in the cast having fought in July. Paul Sass (10-0) and Pat Audinwood (9-0) were initially rumored, but were given outright contracts to the UFC.

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