Thursday, May 13, 2010

TUF First Round

With Nick Ring narrowly defeating Court McGee in the previous episode, there was only one more bout before the wildcard match-up. The fight featured Chuck Liddell's Joe Henle fighting Team Ortiz' Seth Baczynski. Baczynski replaced Chris Camozzi after the prelims after it was discovered Camozzi had a broken jaw.

Despite the win, Nick Ring lets the audience know of his injury to his left knee. He calls the knee ligaments loose, and Tito is aware that the knee could be in bad shape. Ring has been trying to keep the injury secret and some late episode hints might point to a possible exit.

During the training sequence, Henle seems to drop MBA, college degree and his lack of fight time quite a bit. I think it is a way to have other fighters underestimate him. Baczynski meanwhile is impressing Tito with his work ethic. Seth (11-5) states that he has had a long road to make into TUF.

The fight starts with Henle getting some takedowns and good position. It seems like Henle just might not have the experience to capitalize. Baczynski gets the most of the very brief stand-up, and in the end of the second round almost secures a rear naked choke. The "sudden victory" round belongs to Baczynski who gets a takedown and ground and pound with Henle completely gassed.

The wild card fight is announced pitting Team Ortiz' Kasey Uscola fighting Team Ortiz' Kris McCray. Court McGee of Team Liddell was given the spot of injured fighter Rich Attonito. McGee and McCray each suffered controversial losses and appear to be game fighters. Uscola lost via disqualification from an illegal knee strike.

2nd Round Fighters

Team Liddell- Kyle Noke, Brad Travers, Josh Bryant, Court McGee

Team Ortiz- Jamie Yager, Nick Ring, Seth Baczynski

Wildcard: Team Ortiz- Kris McCray v. Kasey Uscola

Injury List: Clayton McKinney (shoulder), Charley Blanchard (ankle), Chris Camozzi (jaw), Nick Ring (knee), James Hammortree (back)

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