Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tank and Shamrock Win at Wargods

Here are the results of War Gods: Valentine's Eve Massacre. With Ken Shamrock and Tank Abbott both coming out victorious, it would seem a bout between them will come to fruition. TUF 3 runner-up Josh Haynes won his second fight in a row.

Ken Shamrock def Ross Clifton via Sub (Armbar) R1, 1:00- Shamrock and Clifton circled before Clifton threw some punches. Ken backed off then steped into an overhand right that dropped the 350 pound Clifton. Ken then got into side control before transitioning to an armbar. In his post fight interview, Ken called out Tank Abbott for a fight and told him to put down his beer and get in the gym.

Ron Kessler def Darrin Freeman via Dec (Unanimous)
Zoila Frausto def Karina Hallinan via Dec (Split)
Josh Haynes def Rafael Real via Dec (Split)
Issac de Jesus def Ashe Bowman via Dec (Unanimous)
Rick Reeves def Nathan James via Sub (Rear-Naked Choke) R3, 2:07
David "Tank" Abbott def Mike Bourke via KO (Punches) R1, 0:29
Mike Moreno def Gary Padilla via Dec (Unanimous)

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Anonymous said...

Ken v. Tank, probably should of happened 10 yrs ago.

MMA Fan said...

Good to see them both win.