Tuesday, June 11, 2013

MMA Blaster Mailbag - Bellator versus Alvarez

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Kenosha Mat asks, "What do you think about Bellator suing Eddie Alvarez regarding the matching provisions in his Bellator contract?"

For over six months, Bellator and Eddie Alvarez have been litigating a contract dispute over the matching provisions in Eddie's most recent Bellator deal. I believe Bellator is fighting a losing battle as its offer is weak compared to the UFC's and simply isn't equal.

The UFC deal, with the PPV incentives, commentator spots, promotional fees and guaranteed money is far superior. The UFC will generate Eddie far more publicity, which leads to higher paying sponsorship opportunities. Nike pays a little more than Wornstar, no offense to Pat Curran.

Instead of paying thousands more in legal fees, Bjorn should cut his losses and look to settle the dispute. Bellator should be seeking the next Eddie Alvarez to fill the void. That guy would seem to be Michael Chandler, who defeated Alvarez in 2011.
eddie alvarez photo: Eddie Alvarez EddieAlvarez.jpg

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