Friday, August 5, 2011

Bobonis Ready for Fight Time!

On August 19, 2011, mixed martial artist Shah Bobonis will look to make it four wins in a row against rising ATT prospect Caleb "Sideshow Bob" Archer. The 135 pound bout will take place in Howard Davis, Jr.'s "Fight Time 6 – Pride & Glory" at the War Memorial Auditorium in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Bobonis' is a two-time Combate Extremo 155 pound title holder, who defeated Manuel “Manix” Gallareta in the first round to win the 145 pound belt on May 21st. Bobonis has won all three of his fights this year and has not allowed one opponent to make it past the second round.

Hopefully all goes well for Bobonis, who announced that he will face Marcos da Matta on the televised portion of Bellator 50, which takes place on September 17th at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida.

MMA Blaster: How did your fight against Manuel “Manix” Gallareta play out in Combate Extremo? What did you do to stop the fight?

Shah Bobonis: The fight with Manix went great. I knew his stand up was his strength and he was coming off a knockout win over the Combate Extremo champion. Once we got to the floor, it was a one-sided fight. Right after hitting the matt, I sunk in a North-South Choke to finish the fight.
(Shah wins with a North-South Choke)

MMA Blaster: Was that for a championship belt? What weight? Are you looking to stay there or keep moving down?

Shah Bobonis: That was for the Combate Extremo 145 pound belt. I will be moving down in weight, as my next fight on August 19th for Fight Time Promotions will be at 135lbs. I’ll be fighting American Top Team prospect Caleb Archer.

MMA Blaster: How has training been going? Are you still training at FFA?

Shah Bobonis: Training is going great. I feel like I’m getting better every day. I work with Coach Marcos Avellan every morning and he has made it possible for me to train full time. He now has a "Fighter House" that some of his fighters live in rent free.

MMA Blaster: What do you know about your next opponent Caleb "Side Show Bob" Archer? Is that the main event?

Shah Bobonis: Yes, the fight on August 19th is the main event. I know Caleb has been doing Muay Thai for a long time. He trains at ATT so he is going to be at least decent in every aspect of fighting, but his stand-up is his strength.
(Bobonis, Howard Davis, Jr., Caleb Archer)

MMA Blaster: What promotion will that fight be in? Where will the fights take place? How do fight fans get tickets?

Shah Bobonis: I’m fighting in Fight Time 6 – Pride & Glory at the War Memorial Auditorium in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Anyone who would like tickets can email me, or hit me up on Facebook. I’ll have tickets for sale this weekend.
(Promo poster)

MMA Blaster: Are you looking for sponsors? How does a company become a sponsor?

Shah Bobonis: I’m always looking for sponsors!!! The fight will be rebroadcast on Fight Zone TV so it’s a good fit for anyone looking to sponsor a fighter and get publicity. Anyone interested can email me

MMA Blaster: Any shout-outs or sponsor mentions? Thank you's?

Shah Bobonis: Thank you to my parents, everyone at FFA and Brawl N’ Maul. Thanks to you Joe at MMA Blaster for the support and the ink!


Anonymous said...

Lo vi pelear en Mexico

Anonymous said...

can't wait to see him fight! i'll be VIP!

Florida Fight Fan said...

I root for this guy because he is an exciting fighter, power striking, solid submissions.