Saturday, April 2, 2011

Video of the Day - Mann v. Miller

Here is Ronnie Mann fighting Jordan Miller in Cage Rage 24 on 12/1/07 in London, England.

Mann (18-2) will fight this weekend on the main card of Bellator 42 against Josh Arocho.

*Fight starts at the 3 minute mark.

Bellator 42 takes place at Concho, Oklahoma in the Lucky Star Casino, airing on MTV2. Two semifinal bouts of the 205 pound LHW tournament will be featured on the card.


Richard Hale vs. D.J. Linderman - LHW Semi
Josh Arocho vs. Ronnie Mann
Tim Carpenter vs. Christian M'Pumbu - LHW Semi
Luiz "Betao" Nogueira vs. Jerod Spoon


Owen Evinger vs. Brandon Shelton
Chris Bell vs. Jared Hess
Shane Howell vs. Mark Oshiro
Chris Guillen vs. Mark Holata

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