Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Video of the Day - Lacy v. Pemberton

Here is Jeff "Left Hook" Lacy boxing Scott Pemberton in Caesars Tahoe, Nevada on 11/5/05 for the IBF and IBO super middleweight title.

Lacy (25-4 boxing) was recently called out by Strikeforce champion Nick Diaz for a potential boxing bout. Lacy has wins over Peter Manfredo Jr., Rubin Williams, Omar Sheika and James Crawford to go along with his IBF, IBO, WBC Continential Americas, USBA and NABA belts.

Scott Pemberton is the former NABF, IBU and WBA NABO super middleweight title holder ending his career with a 29-5 record.

Fight starts at the 7:30 mark:


Anonymous said...

Diaz might be in trouble if he fights this guy. Diaz can take punishment from MMA guys, but that dude can f-ing hit hard.

Anonymous said...

Diaz can take that punk, he hasn't been boxing much lately.