Saturday, March 12, 2011

UFC Purchases Strikeforce

In the video below, Dana White reveals that Zuffa, parent corporation of the UFC, has purchased Strikeforce.

White explains that Strikeforce will keep going business as usual, with Strikeforce fighters remaining in Strikeforce. Scott Coker will stay in charge of the promotion. However, some UFC fighters will be going to Strikeforce.

It leaves the fans to wonder, what are the dream match-ups that can come of the UFC aquisition of Strikeforce. Dana White said he did the move for the fans.

Could we see Gilbert Melendez fight Edgar/Maynard/Pettis? Alistair Overeem fighting Brock Lesnar? Shinya Aoki fighting BJ Penn? Dan Henderson fighting Jon Jones/Shogun winner? Women in the UFC?


Anonymous said...

Interview was about 10 mins too long. Repeated the same questions just switched out a word or name here and there. That's why we hear "business as usual" about 37 times.

mmafanNY said...

Yeah, he did say business as usual quite a bit. But, he also said that he wants to put on fights fans want to see. They already put in elbows to the grounded fighter. The WEC was to run business as usual, couple years later its folded into the UFC.