Wednesday, March 31, 2010

TUF 11 - Episode 1

TUF 11 started out with a bang, featuring highlights from 14 first round bouts. From the start, coach Chuck Liddell lets everyone know his dislike of opposing coach Tito Ortiz, calling him a "door knob." Come to MMA Blaster for coverage of season 11.

Jamie Yager def Ben Stark via KO (kick) R1, 0:26- Former BET Iron Ring contestant Jamie Yager came to the cage confident, sporting a sweet afro. Orthodox jew Ben Stark did not come out with the same attitude. Yager threw kick after kick before wobbling Stark and sending him to the canvas.
(Jamie Yager pictured)

Brad Tavares def Jordan Smith via KO (strikes) R1, 0:37- Both fighters exchanged before Tavares caught a Smith kick. After Smith got out of the single leg, Tavares connected on a knee that sent Smith to the floor.

James Hammortree def Norman Paraisy via TKO (DNF) R1- Hammortree overwelmed Frenchman Paraisy with ground and pound throughout the first round. Paraisy could not answer the bell in the second round.

Nick Ring def Woody Weatherby via TKO- fight basically showed highlights that seemed to show Ring dominated the ground battle before forcing the ref to jump in.

Kris McCray def Cleburn Walker via TKO (injury) R1-
McCray looked like a beast in the cage, connecting on punches before an awesome lateral drop throw. After the throw, Walker was verbally tapping because of an injured shoulder from the toss. McCray landed an awesome backflip off a cage post after the victory.
(Kris McCray pictured)
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Kyle Noke def Warren Thompson via unanimous dec- Noke opened up a huge gash on Thompson in this fight, leaving a gushing cut on Thompson's brow. Highlights indicated that it was a one-sided fight in Noke's favor.

Court McGee def Seth Baczynski via unanimous dec- McGee got dropped in the first round by a punch, but came back using his wrestling to even the fight after two rounds, then won in the third.

Chris Camozzi def Victor O'Donnell via unanimous dec- Both fighters fought hard throughout this bout. Seemed like Camozzi got the better of the stand-up. However, O'Donnell's eye was swollen during the bout. O'Donnell may have suffered a broken orbital, otherwise he would be leading in the wild card bout.

Joe Henle def Constantinos Philippou via sub (arm-bar) R2-
Philippou dominated the first round, utilizing his boxing skills and stand-up. In the second, Henle utilized his jiu-jitsu, locking on an armbar to get into the TUF house.

Kyacey Uscola def Brent Cooper via knockout (punches) R1, 0:25- Uscola has a ton of fights on his resume, however he has stated he took too many fights on short notice. In this fight, Uscola dropped Cooper with a cross and uppercut, winning in brutal fashion.

Charles Blanchard def Jacen Flynn via TKO (referee stoppage) R1- Blanchard might be the shortest fighter in the competition, but looks can be deceiving. Blanchard outwrestled Flynn before laying some fierce ground and pound. After the bell sounded, Flynn couldn't see out of a swollen eye and the bout was stopped.

Clayton McKinney def Charley Lynch via TKO (punches) R1- Clayton McKinney, training out of Jungle MMA, brought the fight to his friend Charley Lynch. McKinney was landing his straight and jab with confidence, smashing Lynches nose. The broken nose was absolutely nasty after the fight, completely shattered.

Rich Attonito def Lyle Steffens via unanimous dec
Josh Bryant def Greg Rebello via majority dec

Two fighters who lost in the opening round will be chosen in the next episode to fight in the "wild card" bout. However, with the number of KO losses and injuries, the pickens will be kinda slim.


Anonymous said...

That one guys broken nose was really bad.

dabeast said...

yeah, that nose was really gross man, looked like is was smashed with a hammer. Never seen one that nasty.