Sunday, March 7, 2010

TUF 11 Coaches and Cast

The Ultimate Fighter 11 premiers this Wednesday night on Spike TV immediately after Ultimate Fight Night 21. Dana White announced long ago that former UFC 205 pound champs Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell would coach opposing teams on the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter. The cast will start with 28 fighters putting 14 in the house on the first night. Two losing fighters will fight a wild-card bout after the first round.
(Tito Ortiz pictured)

Tito has also tabbed Saul Soliz, stand-up specialist Razor Rob McCullough, BJJ ace Cleber Luciano and a public-relations specialist to be named later. Liddell has tabbed his long-time trainer John Hackleman, boxing coach Howard Davis Jr., BJJ wizard Scott Epstein and Strikeforce MW champ Jake Shields as assistant coaches.
(Chuck Liddell pictured)

Here is the 28 member cast:

Nick Ring (10-0) Canadian 8 year vet fought in Bellator and Deep
Jordan Smith (10-0) Utah fighter, win over IFL vet Bristol Marunde
Kris McCray (5-0) all wins by 1st round stoppage
Josh Bryant (10-0) 9 wins in FCF in Oklahoma
Charlie Lynch (6-0) Minnesota fighter, all W's by 1st round stoppage
Brad Tavares (4-0) Hawaiian fighter, 2 subs, 2 TKO's
Warren Thompson (2-0) all wins by stoppage, also listed at (5-0)
Joe Henle (3-0) former college football player and wrestler
James Hammortree (4-1) all four wins in 2009, also (6-0 and 4-0)
Kyle Noke (16-4) W's over Kyacey Uscola and George Sotiropoulos
Jacen Flynn (8-2) victories over Denis Kang and Dean Lister
Victor O'Donnell (5-1) win over UFC vet Forrest Petz, also (8-1)
Charles Blanchard (7-2) ATT product, win over Jim Wallhead
Cleburn Walker (8-4) Trains out of Team Lutter, also (9-3)
Kyacey Uscola (18-15) KOTC/Bodog vet
Woody Weatherby (7-3) East Coast fighter
Court McGee (9-1) Member of US Army Reserves
Norman Paraisy (5-1) French BJJ specialist
Rich Attonito (7-3) collegiate wrestler, ATT Florida
Chris Camozzi (11-3) Fights out of Colorado, also (12-3)
Brent Cooper (5-1) 4 KO's out of 5 wins
Jamie Yager (2-1) fought on BET's Iron Ring
Lyle Steffens (5-2) fights out of Arizona
Ben Stark (3-1) trains out of ATT Florida
Seth Baczynski (11-5) fights out of Arizona
Clayton McKinney (4-2) Trains out of Jungle MMA, BJJ blackbelt
Greg Rebello (8-1) also listed at (9-2)
Costa Philipou (5-1) East Coast fighter, former boxer


UFCFAN said...

Seems like quite a few undefeated fighters on there. Some will probably just be can crushers, hopefully a couple pan out.......

Awesome blog bro, keep posting!

Anonymous said...

Cool, was wondering who might be on TUF 11.

Anonymous said...

Liddell and Ortiz fighting agin? my cash is on Liddell.

808fighter said...

lots of undefeateed fighters, that is good. tito said they are looking for KO's.

Anonymous said...

Watch out for Nick Ring from Canada. We won the Olympics, now we are gonna win TUF 11, HAHAH.