Thursday, November 5, 2009

TUF 10 - Darkness

In the final fight of the 1st round, former NFL 1st round draft pick Marcus "Big Baby" or "Darkness" Jones fought 1 time UFC veteran Mike "Juggernaut" or "White Tyson" Wessel.

As the episode kicks off, we again see the fight between Junk and Mitrione. While Junk lost, Mitrione is beat up as well. Mitrione states that it was the hardest he had ever been hit before and that he felt awful. Junk is sporting a massive shiner, and reports have surfaced that his eye that was poked required surgery.

Rampage does his best to make up with Darrill Schoonover, but again pushes his buttons by grabbing his chest. Darrill stands up to Rampage again, and states that he wanted to put Rampage's head into a cage post, but was lucky his teammates were there.

As the fight is a quick one, as Jones and Wessel come out and measure eachother up. After Wessel tries to get in close and go for a body lock, Jones counters and goes to the ground. From there, Jones looks for a kimura, then to get Wessel's back. As Wessel reverses, Jones goes for an armbar and nearly breaks Wessel's arm before he verbally quits.
marcus jones
(Marcus Jones pictured)

With the win, Team Rampage scores its first victory and winds up 1-7 in the first round. With the first round complete, the fighters are called in to be asked who they want to fight. Most fighters ask for Matt Mitrione or Darrill. Roy Nelson describes every fighters strengths and weaknesses and says it doesn't matter.

Dana announces the match-ups as follows:

Roy Nelson (13-4) vs. Justin Wren (6-1)
Brendan Schaub (4-0) vs. Jon Madsen (1-0)
James McSweeney (4-2) vs. Matt Mitrione (0-0)
Darrill Schoonover (10-0) vs. Marcus Jones (4-1)

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