Monday, November 16, 2009

UFC Champ Brock Lesnar Out

It seems Brock Lesnar will be on the shelf for some time following his bacterial infection and fight with mono. When he returns, it will likely be in a fight with an interim title holder, maybe the victor of Shane Carwin versus Cain Velasquez.

Brock Lesnar has been an extremely polarizing fighter since his entrance into K-1 Hero's in a match against Min Soo Kim. Pre-fight, Brock was dressed in a suit and was respectful to notables at the event such as Royce Gracie and Kazushi Sakuraba. Lesnar rained punches on the judo black belt after a patented double leg takedown to finish the fight via TKO.
(Lesnar v. Kim)

The next move for Lesnar was to fight Frank Mir at UFC 81. In the fight, Lesnar dominated Mir with a flush overhand right that sent Mir tumbling to the canvas. After an questionable punch to the back of the head area and ill-advised stand-up by Steve Mazzagati, Mir found his way to a knee bar to win the fight.
Mir Lesnar
(Lesnar v. Mir I)

In his third fight, "Krazy Horse" Heath Herring stood in Lesnar's way. Lesnar used lightening quick takedowns, the clinch, and vicious ground and pound. He had Herring's back, throwing nasty punches to the face of Herring.
(Heath Herring post fight)

UFC Hall of Famer and all around legend Randy Couture was Lesnar's next fight. Lesnar's wrestling was finally tested, as Randy was able to fend off a couple takedown attempts, scramble and clinch against the behemoth. Lesnar was just too strong, as he displayed his boxing skills in a punch that clipped Couture behind the head. As Couture went to the canvas, Lesnar followed and unleashed a serious fury of ground and pound.
Lesnar Couture
(Lesnar throwing a punch at Couture)

In his last bout, Lesnar against used a ground and pound assault and flawless takedowns to smother Frank Mir. Mir was unable to use his submission skills as Lesnar pinned his arm back and displayed nasty short range power with his punches. With revenge in his hands, Brock flipped a switch, throwing the double bird, disrespecting fans. Lesnar has since apologized at the UFC 100 post fight press conference.
(Lesnar v. Mir II)

Lesnar must draw on his NCAA wrestling background, not the WWE antics. He can be one of the most dominant heavyweights in history. He needs to lose the antics and be respectful of his opponents and the sport of mixed martial arts.
Lesnar wrestling
(NCAA Champ)
Lesnar Hogan
(Lesnar ready to slam Hulk Hogan)
(Lesnar on the Vikings)

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