Wednesday, November 23, 2016

MMA Legend - Genki Sudo

Genki! How can you not like this guy? Thoughts by the MMA Blaster

With a flair for the dramatic, you just have to root for recently retired MMA star Genki Sudo (15-4, 2-1 UFC), with many other fights in different disciplines. As soon as you notice something is getting a little too crazy in the arena, Genki is probably coming.

Genki was always an entertaining crowd favorite with his elaborate entrances including as a dancing baseball player, bucket head, geisha; energetic unorthodox striking skills, and awesome submission and grappling displays. He never appeared to be serious on the mat, flowing and grooving as he used his electric skills.

Genki fought mainly under Pancrase and K1 Hero's in Japan, with a brief two fight stop at the UFC. His big wins came over Nathan Marquardt, Royler Gracie, Butterbean, Victor Hunsaker, Mike Thomas Brown, Damacio Page, Leigh Remedios (awesome win at UFC 38), Kazuyuki Miyata and Hiroyuki "Streetfight Bancho" Takaya. He also had infamous kickboxing bouts and was a very creative grappler.
genki sudo photo:  genkiheadkick.jpg

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