Sunday, January 20, 2013

UFC Ultimate Ultimate 2013

I recently got an email regarding who the best 10 fighters are in the UFC if there were no weight classes. That got me in the mood of the mid 90's and I began to construct a tournament of my own.

Since there are athletic commissions now, I have instituted one tournament for above 206 pound fighters and another for 185 and under. I'm playing UFC's match-maker Joe Silva's job, so only Zuffa fighters under contract are eligible, sorry Josh Barnett.

The emailer thought that Jon Jones could beat almost every heavyweight UFC, but some might be able to "get their fat" on them. Jones would come in as the fastest 235 or so and would likely have a reach advantage on most. I would think a big grappler who could get on the inside and force the clinch could have success on Jones.

I have seeded with current actual UFC match-ups in mind. Since we are in 2013, the tournament would run over 4 events over the course of a year.

UU 13 - Open Weight 206+

1. Cain Velasquez- 11-1, Current UFC HW Champ
16. Rashad Evans- 17-2-1, UFC LHW Champ

8. Stefan Struve- 25-5, 9-3 UFC
9. Mark Hunt- 8-7, K-1 GP Champ

5. Daniel Cormier- 10-0, SF HW Champ
12. Frank Mir- 16-6, former UFC HW champ

4. Alistair Overeem- 36-11, SF/Dream/K-1 WH Champ
13. Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva- 17-4, Elite XC Champ

3. Junior Dos Santos- 15-2, UFC HW Champ
14. Phil Davis- 10-1, NCAA Champ

6. Fabricio Werdum- 16-5, ADCC 99KG+ Champ
11. Antonio Noguiera- 34-7-1, Pride HW Champ

7. Dan Henderson-29-8, Pride Champ
10. Lyoto Machida- 18-3, UFC LHW Champ

15. Chael Sonnen- 27-12-1, rightful WEC MW Champ
2. Jon Jones- 17-1, Current UFC LHW Champ

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