Friday, July 8, 2011

Eric Paulson Talks Josh Barnett and Strikeforce GP

You might know innovative MMA fighter and now coach Eric Paulson as Brock Lesnar's assistant coach on TUF 13. Paulson runs the CSW gym in Fullerton, California, and serves as Josh Barnett's head coach among others.

In the interview below, taken by Marcos Villegas, Paulson explains that he wasn't surprised to see Brett Rogers last to the second round with Josh. The objective was for Josh to not get hit, get the takedown, control Rogers and take his wind.

For Barnett's next match-up against uber puncher Sergei Kharitonov, Paulson will have Josh work on his conditioning, boxing and takedowns. The goal will be for Josh to get a tie-up, takedown, top ccontrol and obviously to end the fight.

When discussing Alistair Overeem's performance against Fabricio Werdum, Paulson explained that Overeem appeared sluggish and Werdum was beating him to the punch. Antio Silva has improved by leaps and bounds, and has a great chance to advance to the finals. Check out the video below!

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