Thursday, June 2, 2011

2011 NCAA D1 Wrestling Championships

The 2011 NCAA division I wrestling championships results. Bubba Jenkins won his first title, after placing 2nd while at Penn State in 2008. Jenkins, the champ at 157 pounds, is currently training at American Top Team, training to make his MMA debut.

This year produced some awesome results, with Penn State, led by coach Cael Sanderson, winning the overall team championship. In an interesting story, Anthony Robles, with one leg, managed to win a championship at 125 pounds. He has stated that it was his last match of his career.

Many of these elite athletes will try to continue a path of amateur wrestling, but some will come to mixed martial arts. Strength, conditioning, mental toughness, the ability to cut weight and quickness are all traits of most high level wrestlers.

The biggest skill that transfers to MMA is the ability to take someone down and defend the take down. However, the mental aspect cannot be overlooked as most of these guys take part in over 100 combat matches over a college career.

Jordan Oliver, Kellen Russell and Jonathan Reader all capped off undefeated seasons. Jordan Burroughs won his second championship, his first being at 157 pounds in 2009. Cornell's Kyle Dake captured his second NCAA championship, this time at 149 pounds after winning the 141 title last year.

125- Anthony Robles (ASU) def Matt McDonough (Iowa) 7-1
133- Jordan Oliver (OSU) def Andrew Hochstrasser (BSU) 8-4
141- Kellen Russell (Mich) def Boris Novachkov (Poly) 3-2
149- Kyle Dake (Cornell) def Frank Molinaro (PSU) 8-1
157- Bubba Jenkins (ASU) def David Taylor (PSU) - Fall
165- Jordan Burroughs (Neb) def Tyler Caldwell (OK) 11-3
174- Jonathan Reader (ISU) def Nick Amuchastegui (Stan) 10-3
184- Quentin Wright (PSU) def Robert Hamlin (Lehigh) 5-2
197- Dustin Kilgore (Kent) def Clayton Foster (OSU) - Fall
285- Zachery Rey (Lehigh) def Ryan Flores (American) 2-1

Team Results:

Penn State (PSU)- 107.5
Cornell - 93.5
Iowa - 86.5
Oklahoma State (OSU)- 70.5
American - 65
Arizona State (ASU)- 62.5
Minnesota - 61
Lehigh - 58.5
Boise State (BSU)- 57.5
Wisconsin - 54.5
*(Stan) - Stanford
*(Poly) - Cal Poly

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