Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Video of the Day - Seagal on the Front Kick

At UFC 126, Anderson Silva pulled off yet another amazing finish using a ridiculous front kick to the face to send former champ Vitor Belfort to the canvas.

In the post fight interview, Anderson credited his new mentor Steven Seagal for showing him the manuever. Here is what Seagal says about the move and the UFC in general.

Anderson trains with Seagal:

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Randy Deaver said...

Wow, so Seagal really did train Anderson Silva. I've watched some of his fights and that man is really awesome. His kicks are so amazing! I can just imagine how forceful his kicks and punches are. If those hit your teeth or any other part of your body, I don't know if you can resist the pain. Hmmm... is it possible to hold a match between Silva and GSP?