Monday, January 10, 2011

Mikey Rukus - Sounding Off

As a fighter approaches the cage or ring a key component in getting them into a frame of mind to fight is their entrance music. Musician Mikey Rukus, an avid MMA fan, is on the forefront, crafting unique custom introductions for fighters. I had a chance to catch up with Mikey, here is the interview:

MMA Blaster: What exactly can you do for an MMA fighter?

Mikey Rukus: I create custom entrance themes for fighters, much like the WWE Superstars who come out to their own music. I can perform all styles, including rock, hip hop, heavy metal, orchestral, electronic, punk. I specialize in the dramatics and high energy.

MMA Blaster: What fighters have you wrote songs for?

Mikey Rukus: The most notable introduction song I've done was for Robbie Lawler. I have several UFC fighters that want music, but the UFC will not allow custom music in the organization. My business has really picked up with MMA companies.

MMA Blaster: Where is your home base?

Mikey Rukus: I'm based in Richmond, Virginia. I have done work for The 10th Legion and Extreme Brawl MMA promotions in the United Kingdom. I perform live as well as a solo artist with a full back up band.  I can go anywhere. 

MMA Blaster: What is the creative process you go through?

Mikey Rukus: If a client approaches me for music, I gather all of their information, find exactly what they are looking for, then create three samples based on that information. The client chooses the sample that they feel best represents their brand. I specialize in brand identity.  The key is when I create a song for a client, they retain all copyrights.

I can use any catch phrases or motto's they want people to hear within the lyrics. I can sing and/or rap with any style: rock, hip hop, heavy metal, orchestral, punk, or electronic. Everything is completely original. I create all music involved in the process. There are no stock beats, everything is from scratch for every client.

MMA Blaster: How did you get started in the music business?

Mikey Rukus: My older sister snuck me out to see Metallica when I was thirteen.  After seeing that show I knew what I needed to do and taught myself to play guitar, bass then drums, then started using sequencers and small hard disc recorders to do small stuff.

I've been playing music for nearly twenty years, having done everything from rapping on underground mix tapes to scoring indie horror films. My writing has always been adrenaline charged, high energy and dramatic, and my love for MMA has always been there, it just felt right to go after.

MMA Blaster: What do you do to get ready for a live show?

Mikey Rukus: Just prepare. Practice wise, I've learned to turn the switch on and go from Mike Rivera to Mikey Rukus rather quickly. I have the tendency to drive my wife crazy in the day leading up to a show, but I don't see it though, haha.
MMA Blaster: Who are your favorite fighters right now?

Mikey Rukus: I have several, I like watching Jon Jones and BJ Penn.  Ovince St. Preux is set to have a breakout year. I would like to see more of Alistair Overeem in the states, which I know with the upcoming tournament in Strikeforce will be great. In the lightweight division, I'd have to say Anthony Pettis and Clay Guida just because of the high energy. In the welterweight division, I gotta go with Georges St. Pierre. I love to watch Cyborg Santos in the women's division.
Mikey Rukus music can be found here:


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Excellent interview of Mikey Ruckus, MMA Blaster! MMA Most Wanted is a fan of Mikey's work! Best wishes to you both!

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Cool interview. I like this blog.