Sunday, August 9, 2009

UFC 101 Results and Review

UFC 101 was not the most exciting event, but we did see two superstars elevate their respective legacies. BJ Penn looked sharp and on his game, as did the larger 205 version of Anderson Silva. While the crowd initially rooted again the two, by the end of their fights, the tide had turned.

B.J. Penn def Kenny Florian via sub(rear-naked choke) R4, 3:54- BJ Penn displayed excellent skill and cardio as he defeated Kenny Florian to claim a submission of the night bonus. While Florian attempted takedowns throughout the fight, BJ defended superbly, wearing Florian down with knees.

While both were standing, BJ seemed to land the harder punches, wobbling Florian on seperate occasions. Kenny's best offense seemed to be some leg kicks. In the fourth, Penn continued his dominance, stuffing a Florian takedown before getting his own. From there he passed the guard, got in mount and soon found Florian's back. BJ took his time working the rear naked choke until it was in too deep.
*BJ Penn wins Submission of the Night Bonus.
*MMA Blaster Readers correctly pick BJ Penn 69-43

Anderson Silva def Forrest Griffin via KO (punch) R1, 3:23- Anderson again looked invincible in this quick three and a half minute fight. While Forrest attempted to move forward he was hit flush with punches to the jaw. Forrest was knocked down twice, and on the second occasion, Anderson didn't want to follow him down and asked Forrest back up. After Forrest rose to his feet, he was hit flush again and the fight was over.
*Anderson Silva wins KO of the Night
*Griffin and Silva win Fight of the Night

Johnny Hendricks def Amir Sadollah via TKO (strikes) R1, 0:29- This fight was short and sweet. While Sadollah was content to throw kicks, Hendricks defended and threw counter punches. A couple uppercuts landed and Sadollah went to the ground. Hendricks followed up with ground and pound, but Sadollah appeared to block most. The stoppage seemed early.

Aaron Riley def Shane Nelson via unanimous dec- Aaron Riley landed the more powerful shots and ground and pound throughout the fight to win a unanimous decision.

Ricardo Almeida def Kendall Grove via unanimous dec- Rather slow fight in which Almeida got the better of the ground game. Grove landed a couple decent knees from the clinch.

Kurt Pellegrino def Josh Neer via unanimous dec- Pellegrino took Neer down at will throughout the fight. Neer tried to look for arm-bars and triangle atttempts, but he wasn't able to secure one.


John Howard def Tamdan McCrory via split dec
Alessio Sakara def Thales Leites via split dec
Matthew Riddle def Dan Cramer via unanimous dec
George Sotiropoulos def George Roop via sub (kimura) R2, 1:59
Jesse Lennox def Danillo Villefort via TKO (cut) R3, 3:37

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Boxing Bags said...

I was hoping Florian would win but BJ bought his "A" game - great fight

I am a huge Forrest fan but Silva totally owned him in this one

Without a doubt Forrest will be back!