Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Top UFC 100 Fights Snubs

The UFC counted down the supposed list of the 100 top UFC fights of the promotion's illustrious 16 year existence on Spike TV. However, this list is basically a device to publicize and push its video game and current fighters.

Any fighter on the outs with the UFC was not listed unless it is a fight they lost. The best high kick in UFC history, Yves Edwards ridiculous high kick of Josh Thomson, is mysteriously left out. My guess is that it had something to do with Thomson winning the Strikeforce LW Championship.

Regardless, these ten fights are absolute gems in the history of the UFC. Each fight was a war, epitomizing the energy and excitement that is illuminates the top fight promotion in the world.

Top 10 Snubs:

1. Frank Shamrock v. Tito Ortiz at UFC 22- An epic battle for a championship belt that has been the finest fight in the history of the UFC. In the beginning, the brash, young and explosive Ortiz was able to get takedowns and ground and pound. Shamrock worked shots from the bottom position, and eventually wore Ortiz down. During a missed shot in the fourth round, Shamrock pounded Ortiz with punches. An incredible bout that was a comeback and a triumph.
(Frank with 4 UFC belts)

2. Marco Ruas v. Paul Varelens at UFC 7- The brawl in Buffalo featured an epic battle not seen since Royce Gracie v. Kimo. After Marco submitted Larry Cureton and Remco Pardoel, he had to face a giant smashing machine in Paul Varelens. Marco came out in the finale throwing the first effective leg kicks in MMA competiton, reddening the thigh of Varelens. Ruas also threw the first footstomps that looked absolutely nasty. Combine with bare-knuckle punches and after 13 minutes, Varelens was chopped down like a big redwood.
Marco Ruas Pictures, Images and Photos
(Ruas throwing a nasty leg kick on Varelans)

3. Bas Rutten vs Tsuyoshi Kohsaka at UFC 18- An epic battle between two of the elite strikers of the day. The ending of this fight was one of the best technical flurries of all time, as Bas landed all his big punches to get the KO around 14 minutes in.
(Bas Rutten with UFC and Pancrase belts)

4. Yves Edwards v. Josh Thomson at UFC 49- One of the best rounds ever fought, as these two lightweights laid everything on the line. Near the end of the first, a scramble occured and as Thomson threw a spinning backfist, Edwards came out with a jumping/flying kick that landed flush to Thomson's face. By far the best head kick in the history of the UFC.
Yves Edwards\' high kick KO on Josh Thompson Pictures, Images and Photos
(Edwards head kick)

5. Dan Severn v. Anthony Macias at UFC 4- While this bout ended in quick fashion, it was the first demonstration of how wrestling could be utilized in mixed martial arts. Severn landed two perfect belly to back suplexes which had the crowd in a hysteria. To finish, Severn used his trademark Severn rear naked choke, torquing Macias' chin towards him. Despite being his debut mixed martial arts fight, Severn dominated.
(Severn with UFC belts)

6. Oleg Taktarov v. Tank Abbott at UFC 6- The finale at UFC 6 was an outstanding battle of striker versus sambo. Both men fought hard in the high altitude of the Rocky Mountains, throwing everything they had. After 17 minutes of straight fighting, Oleg was able to slap a rear naked choke on the Tank. After the victory, Oleg and Tank laid on the canvas unable to get up. Oxygen was needed.

7. Andre "Big Chief" Roberts v. Ron Waterman at UFC 21- These two super-heavyweights threw big leather, with muscle bound Waterman having Roberts all but put away. However, the Native American Roberts was able to pull off a huge upset and comeback, knocking out Waterman after a big right, left, right combo and punches to the stunned Waterman.

8. Goran Reljic v. Wilson Gouveia at UFC 84- This fight featured outstanding kickboxing, as Reljic landed head and body kicks at will with good snap. Near the end of the first, Gouveia came back with flurries of punches. In the second, Gouveia got the most of the stand-up and a takedown. After it was stood back up, Reljic landed a power left, then a barrage of hammerfists for the win.

9. Royce Gracie v. Dan Severn at UFC 4- Severn took Gracie down at will, landing ground and pound shots repeatedly. What happened at the 15 minute mark was a tight triangle choke, the first time it had been seen in UFC competition.

10. Tito Ortiz v. Guy Mezger II at UFC 19- The rematch was fast and furious combination of grappling, striking and submission attempts. Tito came out on top.

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