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Dream 10 - Mario's World

Dream 10 belonged to Lithuanian Marius "Mario" Zaromskis. The young up and coming 170 pounder scored a major upset, defeating Japanese favorite Hayato "Mach" Sakurai and American Jason High. The card delivered some of the best entrances and exciting finishes of recent memory.

Tarec Saffiedine def Seichi Ikemoto via unanimous dec- WW Reserve bout- Ichimoto threw some crazy techniques in this fight, including a double superman punch, double punch, spinning backfists, and even a double body punch while Saffiedine was grounded. Saffiedine landed the the more powerful shots, landing a big overhand right then jumping right knee near the end of the round.

In the second it was all Saffiedine, as he landed all the power punches and kicks. He was able to get a takedown off a failed attempt by Ichimoto, and worked mount and throw some good shots. Near the end of the round, Ichimoto got a reversal and a couple ground and pound shots. Saffiedine ends up winning a close unanimous decision.

Marius Zaromskis def Hayato "Mach" Sakurai via TKO (strikes) R1, 4:03- WW Bout 1- Zaromskis came out to Europe's "Final Countdown" dressed as a Dragon Ball Z character, including red wig and garb. He also wore a necklace of mouthpieces. Mach Sakurai came out with a massive applause from the Japanese crowd. The announcers described Sakurai's hard time making the weight.

After a pretty even amount of punishment dished out by each and a Sakurai takedown, a cut opened on above and below Sakurai's left eye. Following a long break, Sakurai was nailed with a high left kick that landed perfect sending him to the canvas. After a few follow-up punches, the bout was called. On the replay, you could see Marius faked a left punch and went for the high kick to move to the finals.

Jason High def Andre Galvao via split dec- WW Bout 2-
Jason High came out to Jay-Z, with a black bandana over his face, Kansas City Royals cap, and a big gold chain. Coach Antonio McKee was in his corner, with a katana sword. Andre Galvao came out with his black belt and gi to a soul song. The first round was all Galvao, as he got the better of the ground game. Galvao nearly locked in a leg lock/knee bar that High barely slipped out of. Galvao next almost got a rear naked choke, having High's back for about 4 minutes.

In the second it was all Jason High, as he threw snapping body and leg kicks. Galvao had nothing to offer but a few decent knees. High also got some takedowns which Galvao gave up easily to try a submission. However, High kept the pace up throughout with his striking. In the end, the judges gave the split decision victory to Jason High who moves to the welterweight final.
*High and Galvao win MMA Blaster's Fight of the Night
mma,Jason High
(Jason High pictured)

Katsunori Kikuno def Andre "Dida" Amade via TKO (punches) R1, 3:47- Katsunori Kikuno came out to the 80's song for charity, "We Are the World." Dida meanwhile came out to a Bob Marley's "Could This Be Love" while donning a crazy mask. Katsunori employed an odd karate stance and stalked Dida. Dida landed a coule punches and kicks, while landing a decent overhand punch. After a yellow card warning, Kikuno came out, got a body lock takedown, moved to back then threw rapid punches until the fight was called.

Paulo Filho def Melvin Manhoef via sub (armbar) R1, 2:36-
After intro's, Melvin Manhoef had to be wiped down as he was sweating profusely. After a failed double leg takedown by Filho, Melvin started working Filho over with a flurry of powerful rights and left hooks and straights. After Paulo went to the ground Melvin continued with his flurry. It looked as though Filho was in serious trouble when Melvin allowed him up.

After taking more punishment, Filho got a takedown, mount, then armbar. Even though Melvin rolled, Paulo's armbar was too good, and soon Melvin was tapping. Filho survived a wicked amount of punishment, and pulled off an outstanding comeback.
*Paulo Filho wins MMA Blaster's Submission of the Night
(Paulo Filho pictured)

Jesse Taylor def Dong Sik Yoon via TKO (injury), R1, 1:02- Jesse Taylor made a successful Japanese debut, steamrolling Dong Sik Yoon. After Taylor out muscled Yoon for a takedown, he got Yoon's back and nearly got a rear naked choke. Soon after, Yoon bizarrely asked for time and quit. A replay showed that when Taylor was throwing Yoon to the canvas while having his back, Yoon's ankle was caught on the canvas and torqued at a bad angle. Taylor was classy in victory.

Shinya Aoki def Vitor Ribeiro via unanimous dec- Aoki came out in red and white candy cane line pants with board shorts. Aoki began the fight well, landing and attempting kicks at will. Three minutes in, Ribiero had a large red welt on his elbow from blocking kicks. Aoki dominated the stand-up throughout the first round, denying Ribiero's two takedown attempts. Near the end of the round, Aoki squeezed in a knee to Ribiero's chin.

In the second it was more of the same, as Aoki hammered Ribiero with kicks and knees. When Ribeiro went for a takedown, Aoki landed a knee to the face of Ribiero but gave up the takedown. Ribiero got some ground and pound shots in, but did not do enough to win the fight. All three judges gave the win to Aoki.

Marius Zaromskis def Jason High via KO (head kick) R1, 2:22- Zaromskis completed his amazing night of fights with two highlight reel high kicks. The second came at the expense of Jason High, who ate a shin to the jaw.

The two fighters came out the same exact intro's as their first fights. Right off the bat, Marius went for a jumping knee that was caught by High who completed a takedown soon after. High looked to be controlling, until a scramble had the tow back to their feet.

Next, Marius threw a partial blocked one-two punching combo, then an immediate high kick that landed shin directly to the jaw. A couple punches followed to an unconscious Jason High before the ref jumped in. Marius Zaromskis captured the Welterweight Dream Grand Prix title, along with the Welterweight belt.
*Zaromskis wins MMA Blaster's KO of the Night
*Zaromskis wins Dream Welterweight Grand Prix
Marius Zaromskis
(Marius Zaromskis pictured)

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