Monday, June 18, 2012

Coolest Martial Arts Villians

As I told the Reverend, the MMA Blaster site has always been about telling the story of mixed martial arts. One of the major influences has been the movies that have attracted youngsters such as myself into martial arts. Here are some of the martial arts villains I enjoyed.

"Johnny Lawrence" played by William Zabka- The Karate Kid- Johnny was the best of the 1980's jerk. He played the punk rich kid to perfection in Back to School and Just one of the Guys as well. He made Daniel Son mad, and in the end a crane kick to the face sealed his fate.


"Chong Li" played by Bolo Yeueng- Bloodsport- Bolo broke necks of all the men he faced in the kumite. Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds almost beat Chong, but Chong was only playing possum, sending Ogre to the hospital with several blows after Ogre was KO'd. Chong met Frank Dux, played by Jean Claude Van Damme, in the final Kumite. Though Chong blew toxic powder in Frankie's face, multiple flying kicks and punches eventually ended Chong's reign on the kumite.

Chong Li

"Tong Po" played by Michel Qissi- Kickboxer- This time Jean Claude's bro is put in a wheel chair by Tong Po, additionally Jean Claude's love interest gets violated by Tong Po. Jean Claude actually gets drunk in a bar in this one and still kicks some major ass. The crowning scene is the wraps that are dipped in wax and then sealed by glass shards. Tong Po licked the glass, now that is crazy. 360 spin kicks by Jean Claude follow.


"Han" played by Kien Shih- Enter the Dragon- Han organizes a martial arts tournament and invites the best around. He also has a sweet island with his legion of fighters and a missing hand. The missing hand is actually an advantage as Han uses various attachments to brutalize Bruce Lee. My favorite is the end scene when he is brawling with the four knife blade attachment.


"Sho-Nuff" played by Julius Carry- The Last Dragon- Sho-Nuff, the Shogun of Harlem who possesses the red glow. Sho-Nuff wants to defeat Bruce Leroy to prove he is the baddest in all of New York. "Bow down and kiss my Converse.." In the end, Bruce Leroy gets his glow going with matrix style moves to prove he is the baddest.
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