Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Technique by BJ Penn

Here is a promotional BJ Penn video on Youtube. It shows some excellent technique off your back. BJ next fights Diego Sanchez at UFC 107 for the Lightweight Championship.

Monday, November 23, 2009

UFC 106 Review

UFC 106: Griffin v. Ortiz took place on 11/21/09 and featured nine bouts making the broadcast on Spike and PPV. Forrest Griffin won a narrow split decision to push himself closer to a title shot. Josh Koscheck also moved closer to a title shot with a victory over the uber athletic Anthony Johnson.

Forrest Griffin def Tito Ortiz via split dec- Forrest and Tito battled for three rounds in this compelling three round fight. Tito and Forrest fought a close first round, with Forrest controlling the stand-up and Tito managing to get one takedown. In the second, Tito was able to take advantage of a takedown to land some elbows, opening up a cut on Forrest.

Never one to shy away from blood, Forrest came alive in the third round. Tito cardio started to falter, or he felt he was up on the scorecards. Forrest landed punches and kicks at will, winning the third round in convincing fashion. With the win, look for Forrest to fight Antonio Noguiera or Thiago Silva if he beats Rashad Evans.
*MMA Blaster readers correctly choose Griffin 44-28.
(Forrest Griffin pictured)

Josh Koscheck def Anthony Johnson via sub (RNC) R2, 4:27- The first round saw Anthony Johnson controlling much of the action and defending takedowns. With Koscheck getting up, still on his knees, Johnson threw and elbow and came through with a hand, grazing Koscheck's eye. The round continued with Johnson looking strong.

In the second, a Koscheck open hand punch sunk fingers into Johnson's eye. Johnson appeared shaken, and didn't return to form. Shortly after getting back into action, Koscheck got a takedown and choked out Johnson with a rear naked choke. Koscheck would like to fight number one contender for the 170 pound division, Dan Hardy.

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira def Luiz Cane via TKO (punches) R1, 1:56- Nogueira's UFC debut was stellar, as his boxing looked crisp as he systematically picked apart Luiz Cane.

Paulo Thiago def Jacob Volkmann via unanimous dec- Thiago controlled the grappling game and managed to land more strikes to win the decision.

Amir Sadollah def Phil Baroni via unanimous dec- Phil Baroni was able to land some power punches and get a takedown in the first round, but Sadollah dominated the clinch and long distance striking from then on. In the third, Baroni slowed down and Sadollah took advantage, peppering him with strikes and clinch work.

Ben Saunders def Marcus Davis via KO (knees) R1, 3:24- Ben Saunders dominated the fight with the use of his devasting thai clinch. Saunders popped Davis with knees from every direction, eventually sending Davis to the canvas.

Kendall Grove def Jake Rosholt via sub (triangle) R1, 3:59- Rosholt dominated the grappling game, getting take downs and landing heavy right hands and knees. However, Rosholt made a wrong move and landed in a triangle choke.

Brian Foster def Brock Larson via TKO (strikes) R2, 3:25- Larson disappointed again, getting run over by Brian Foster. Foster dominated Larson with a heavy dose of ground and pound in the second, stopping the fight.

Caol Uno vs. Fabricio Camoes declared majority draw
George Sotiropoulos def Jason Dent via submission (armbar) R2, 4:36

Monday, November 16, 2009

UFC Champ Brock Lesnar Out

It seems Brock Lesnar will be on the shelf for some time following his bacterial infection and fight with mono. When he returns, it will likely be in a fight with an interim title holder, maybe the victor of Shane Carwin versus Cain Velasquez.

Brock Lesnar has been an extremely polarizing fighter since his entrance into K-1 Hero's in a match against Min Soo Kim. Pre-fight, Brock was dressed in a suit and was respectful to notables at the event such as Royce Gracie and Kazushi Sakuraba. Lesnar rained punches on the judo black belt after a patented double leg takedown to finish the fight via TKO.
(Lesnar v. Kim)

The next move for Lesnar was to fight Frank Mir at UFC 81. In the fight, Lesnar dominated Mir with a flush overhand right that sent Mir tumbling to the canvas. After an questionable punch to the back of the head area and ill-advised stand-up by Steve Mazzagati, Mir found his way to a knee bar to win the fight.
Mir Lesnar
(Lesnar v. Mir I)

In his third fight, "Krazy Horse" Heath Herring stood in Lesnar's way. Lesnar used lightening quick takedowns, the clinch, and vicious ground and pound. He had Herring's back, throwing nasty punches to the face of Herring.
(Heath Herring post fight)

UFC Hall of Famer and all around legend Randy Couture was Lesnar's next fight. Lesnar's wrestling was finally tested, as Randy was able to fend off a couple takedown attempts, scramble and clinch against the behemoth. Lesnar was just too strong, as he displayed his boxing skills in a punch that clipped Couture behind the head. As Couture went to the canvas, Lesnar followed and unleashed a serious fury of ground and pound.
Lesnar Couture
(Lesnar throwing a punch at Couture)

In his last bout, Lesnar against used a ground and pound assault and flawless takedowns to smother Frank Mir. Mir was unable to use his submission skills as Lesnar pinned his arm back and displayed nasty short range power with his punches. With revenge in his hands, Brock flipped a switch, throwing the double bird, disrespecting fans. Lesnar has since apologized at the UFC 100 post fight press conference.
(Lesnar v. Mir II)

Lesnar must draw on his NCAA wrestling background, not the WWE antics. He can be one of the most dominant heavyweights in history. He needs to lose the antics and be respectful of his opponents and the sport of mixed martial arts.
Lesnar wrestling
(NCAA Champ)
Lesnar Hogan
(Lesnar ready to slam Hulk Hogan)
(Lesnar on the Vikings)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Video of the Day - Hughes v. Peters

Here is Matt Hughes fighting Shawn "Pain" Peters at Extreme Challenge 23 which took place on 5/21/00 in Springfield, Illinois. Hughes will fight BJ Penn at UFC 123.

Shawn Peters went on to sport a 9-7 official record in his MMA career from 1997 to 2003, fighting mostly in the Canadian promotion UCC which later became TKO.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Strikeforce - Chicago

Strikeforce Chicago took place this past Saturday at the Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. The event had plenty of excellent fights, featuring submissions, exciting grappling displays and the worlds greatest scoring a KO.

Fedor Emelianenko def Brett Rogers via TKO (punches) R2, 1:48- This showstopper was by far the craziest fight I have ever seen. As soon as Fedor appeared the audience went nuts. During the first round, Rogers was able to get a straight jab in on Fedor, opening a large gash above his nose.

Despite blood pouring from his nose, Fedor was the aggressor throughout the fight. Fedor dominated transitions, attempting submissions and landing shots after takedowns. In the second round, Fedor landed a huge overhand right crumpling Rogers to the canvas. As he laid on the ground, Fedor pounced and the fight was called.

The legend of Fedor is only growing, as the replay showed a clean power right hand that landed to the face of Brett Rogers sending him to another planet. With the win, Fedor has reeled off 8 straight stoppage wins. If you count the TK illegal cut as a loss, Fedor has 27 straight victories.
(Fedor Emelianenko pictured)

Jake Shields def Jason "Mayhem" Miller via unanimous dec

Gegard Mousasi def Sokoudjou via TKO (strikes) R2, 3:43
gegard mousasi
(Mousasi throwing punches)

Fabricio Werdum def Antonio Silva via unanimous dec


Marlos Coenen def Roxanne Modafferi via sub (armbar) R1, 1:03
Jeff Curran def Dustin Neace via sub (injury) R1, 1:39
Shamar Bailey def John Kolosci via unanimous dec
Nate Moore def Louis Taylor via submission (strikes) R2, 3:24
Christian Uflacker def Jonatas Novaes via unanimous dec

Friday, November 6, 2009

Exclusive Interview - The Reverend

In his past three fights, Chuck "The Reverend" Grigsby has been traveling across the globe fighting for the M-1: Challenge promotion. I was able to catch up with and ask some questions about his recent mixed martial arts bouts.

MMA Blaster: Where are you training right now?

I primarily train at the Des Moines Mixed Martial Arts Academy run by Anthony Porcelli. I train my kickboxing with Kevin Veasly and Cardell James, and when I have the opportunity, I like to also work on my Jiu Jitsu at Des Moines Jiu Jitsu Academy. I train with some of the best submission wrestlers and Jiu Jitsu guys in Iowa.

MMA Blaster: Since the last time we talked, you defeated Rob MacDonald from The Ultimate Fighter show, how did that fight play out?

It was a real quick fight. I think felt like it was over in 7 seconds and I enjoyed that. I am very fortunate to get a win in the manner that I did, you don’t get many fights like that.

MMA Blaster: What led you to the M-1 promotion?

I have always wanted to fight internationally. I think that is the best option for me and my style of fighting. I played pro basketball overseas after college for a few seasons. My manager Reed Wallace has many connections internationally and M-1 was the best option.

MMA Blaster: What was it like fighting in Bulgaria for your first M-1 fight?

Bulgaria was wild! There were so many things outside of the actual fight that I had to consider, but outside of that extra stuff, I just assumed it would be like any other fight. I loved the experience, especially getting a win over an Olympic level wrestler and fighter. They displayed good sportsmanship and were good to us, despite our team shutting them out.

MMA Blaster: How did the fight play out against Atanas Dzhambazov? What type of fighting background did he have?

His style was Sambo. He was an extremely strong individual and gave me some unique challenges during the fight. It didn’t help that I pulled my hamstring in the first 30 seconds of the fight either. He was really tough, it was very good win for me.

MMA Blaster: What are the fans like in the M-1 events?

They are different in each different country. In Bulgaria they were much like American fans being rowdy and into the fights. In Holland the fans were very laid back and nonchalant, but you can tell they were well educated in MMA. The Russian fans were really into it and love their Russian fighters, it is a tough team to fight against.

MMA Blaster: What is it like fighting on Team USA East?

I am very proud to be a part of the championship team, it was a lot of work and we were never considered the favorites. That made it even that much more satisfying. I enjoyed seeing fighters from all over the country, with all the different skill sets and styles coming together for one common goal, Team USA East winning. The bond with your teammates is much like the bonds you develop with the guys you train with regularly. The experience of traveling out of the country to fight and going to the finals was awesome. M-1 is like the World Cup or Olympics of MMA.
(Team USA East Pictured)

MMA Blaster: In your second fight you fought at heavyweight right? What happened in the fight with Jessie Gibbs? How much weight were you giving up?

Yes, that fight was at heavyweight. He was too big for me honestly. I think he had like 40 pounds on me. I won’t fight at HW again unless it a opponent I can’t turn down. If anything I might look at the 185 division, but I doubt that. Weight cutting can be hard and I didn’t want it to be an issue. Traveling for that many hours while trying to cut weight can be really brutal if you don't have an organized weight cutting system.

MMA Blaster: How was the fight against Spencer Hooker? Did you look at any of his tape, I saw he has some quality victories?

He is probably the most skilled heavyweight in the M-1 Challenge. That is why I fought him because I wanted to go against the grain and challenge myself. It was a good fight and very technical. I think if we were fighting in neutral territory the fight would have gone into the 3rd round where I would have had another round to break him down, or visa versa. There was no quitting in that fight.

I knew he was a Jujitsu guy, so I knew I had the advantage in stand-up. It seems that most fighters see me a pure stand-up fighter, so they think I’m a good match up for them if they are a wrestler or submission fighter. He was tough and had no quit in him. He took some really good shots from me and was still standing, not many guys can say that. It was awesome fight.

MMA Blaster: What was it like fighting in Russia?

The Russian people were really open to Americans and our culture. Americans have a lot of misconceptions about the Russians. I would like to take my family over to visit someday.

MMA Blaster: What sort of preparations do you have to make before fighting oversees?

I have to be literally fight ready on the day I leave the United States in order to combat the hurdles of cutting weight and training. Usually the time I am overseas I focus on doing light cardio and technique and pray that weigh-in's come faster than they ever do!

MMA Blaster: Any shout outs?

I am able to unveil my family who are my heart and soul: Xander, Sara, Berniece, Jaunette, Carrie, Mannie and all of the rest of the crew. Also want to say thanks to my manager Reed Wallace of White Chocolate Management, training partners and coaches. I couldn’t do it without cha!

MMA Blaster: Sponsor mentions?

KOBC clothing apparel http://www.kobc.tv/, Animal Instinct clothing apparel www.myspace.com/luckyhands, Cup O' Kyptonite Coffee and Comics http://www.cupokryptonite.com/, and Jordan Creek Chiropractic. All those guys have been great to me.
(Rev's Bling)

*You can catch the M-1 Challenge on HDNet!
*Visit past articles on Rev by clicking the label below.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Exclusive Interview - Shah Bobonis

I was able to catch up with up and coming MMA fighter Shah Bobonis last weekend. Shah is coming off of a big victory in Mexico's Combate Extremo promotion that earned him their 145 pound featherweight championship.

MMA Blaster: How did you end up fighting for Combate Extremo?

I ended up fighting for Combate Extremo because one of the partners in the company spends a lot of time Orlando. He happened to see me competing at a NAGA grappling tournament that I won. He asked if I would participate in a Super Fight at his next grappling event. From there, he started looking me up and watched some video and liked the way I fought. After my last two wins we had a solid relationship and he asked if I wanted to fight for his 145lbs title.

MMA Blaster: Does your experience fighting in Costa Rica transfer over to fighting in Mexico?

Fighting in Costa Rica early on in my career was key in feeling comfortable fighting for this title. I was accustomed to the travel and hostile crowd so it didn’t feel like my first Rodeo.

MMA Blaster: What are the MMA fans like in Mexico?

The MMA fans in Mexico were every bit as passionate as the fans in Costa Rica. They called me every name in the book as I walked out to the ring which I expected as I was fighting their countrymen. The difference was after the fight the Mexican fans were very friendly.

MMA Blaster: What did you know about Carlos Monzon before the fight?

I had seen tape on Monzon and the first thing I noticed was that he is huge for a 145 pounder. He was a Sean Sherk look alike. His Muay Thai was good and he was very aggressive. When Monzon was on the ground he only looked to ground and pound, never too worried about passing guard or hunting for subs. His wrestling did not look overwhelming, it just seemed he was a very good athlete and naturally hard to take down.

MMA Blaster: What was your plan going into this fight?

The game plan was to take him into deep water. From the few fights that I watched he seemed to come out guns blazing and walk through guys. I knew if I could bare the brunt of the early storm I would be fine.

MMA Blaster: How did the fight play out?

The fight ended up being a lot shorter than I thought. My reach was giving him problems which led him to lung in and give up a easy double leg take down. I don’t think he was used to being on his back. Trying to get back to his feet he went to all fours as he was trying to get up and I jumped into a guillotine.

MMA Blaster: What sort of response did you get from the crowd?

After the fight they were a lot more receptive to an American holding a belt in their country’s biggest MMA show than they were before the fight. The crowd was great, probably about 3,000 people. I spent an hour after the fight taking pictures with the fans and my new belt.
MMA Blaster: I've heard you are pretty busy over the next couple months, where are you fighting?

I’m working on a fight in Puerto Rico Nov 20th for an upstart promotion called Maxximo Fighting Championships. It isn’t for a belt, but hopefully next time I travel to Puerto Rico I’ll get a shot. They have had some great fighters on their show already such as WEC vet Eric Schambari and Whisper Goodman.

In December, I’m back in Mexico to defend my title. I was told by the promoter my first title defense will be against another one of Mexico’s best fighters. I forget his real name, but his nickname is El Gato (the cat). I’ve seen tape on him and he is a very skilled guy. That will be my last fight at 145 pounds. Next year I want to fight some really big names at 135 pounds.

MMA Blaster: What are your goals in MMA at this point?

Goals include fighting for more titles and by the end of next year fighting for a huge promotion WEC, Dream, Sengoku, Strikeforce, whatever! I would love to fight in Japan! My dream match-up would be standing up and having a war with Hiroyuki Takaya. In the WEC I’d like to fight a guy like Manny Tapia. I like the way he fights stand up guy who brings it. It would make for a exciting fight.

By the end of next year I think I’ll be ready to fight anyone in the world at 135 and give them a run. My last three fights have been with guys who usually fight at 155. Two of the fights were at a catch weight of 150 pounds. The combined record of my last three opponents is 16-4. I got a sub in less than 2 min, a decision win, and a split decision loss that many feel I won. I think at 135 I can be a force!

MMA Blaster: How did the fight with Rudy Tujillo go in the XFC?

The fight with Ray Trujillo was really disappointing. I totally dominated the first round, I’ll give him the second round, and I feel there is no way he won the third. During the fight I swept him, had twice as many take downs, had his back and had him mounted several times. He had maybe two take downs, but never passed my guard and never caused any damage. But, I should have finished the fight, if you let it go to the judges in MMA you never know what you will get. I lost a split decision.

MMA Blaster: How did your fight with Dustin Blake go in Kansas?

The fight with Dustin Blake was tough but I feel I won every round. He was the hometown favorite. It was much like fighting in Mexico or Costa Rica. I guess I play the bad guy well. I won the split decision. The one judge that gave the fight to Blake is a Witchita native, go figure. But it was a huge win for me!

MMA Blaster: Who are you training with now?

I’m back in Miami training with the Avellan brothers at the Freestyle Fighting Academy. The only school on Earth that can say they have four ADCC vets teaching classes. My coaches are Marcos, David and Rima Avellan, Enricco Cocco and Efrain Ruiz.

MMA Blaster: Any shouts outs?

Always want to thank Braul and Maul, http://www.brawlandmaul.tv/, Paragon MMA, http://www.paragonmma.com/, Bucklehead knifes, http://www.bucklehead.com/ and everyone at FFA http://www.floridamartialarts.com/!!

Video of the Day - Fedor v. Haseman

Here is a Fedor Emelianenko v. Chris Haseman from Rings World Final 2002. Fedor is coming off a second round knockout of Brett Rogers in Strikeforce.

TUF 10 - Darkness

In the final fight of the 1st round, former NFL 1st round draft pick Marcus "Big Baby" or "Darkness" Jones fought 1 time UFC veteran Mike "Juggernaut" or "White Tyson" Wessel.

As the episode kicks off, we again see the fight between Junk and Mitrione. While Junk lost, Mitrione is beat up as well. Mitrione states that it was the hardest he had ever been hit before and that he felt awful. Junk is sporting a massive shiner, and reports have surfaced that his eye that was poked required surgery.

Rampage does his best to make up with Darrill Schoonover, but again pushes his buttons by grabbing his chest. Darrill stands up to Rampage again, and states that he wanted to put Rampage's head into a cage post, but was lucky his teammates were there.

As the fight is a quick one, as Jones and Wessel come out and measure eachother up. After Wessel tries to get in close and go for a body lock, Jones counters and goes to the ground. From there, Jones looks for a kimura, then to get Wessel's back. As Wessel reverses, Jones goes for an armbar and nearly breaks Wessel's arm before he verbally quits.
marcus jones
(Marcus Jones pictured)

With the win, Team Rampage scores its first victory and winds up 1-7 in the first round. With the first round complete, the fighters are called in to be asked who they want to fight. Most fighters ask for Matt Mitrione or Darrill. Roy Nelson describes every fighters strengths and weaknesses and says it doesn't matter.

Dana announces the match-ups as follows:

Roy Nelson (13-4) vs. Justin Wren (6-1)
Brendan Schaub (4-0) vs. Jon Madsen (1-0)
James McSweeney (4-2) vs. Matt Mitrione (0-0)
Darrill Schoonover (10-0) vs. Marcus Jones (4-1)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Video of the Day - Hardy v. Walker

Here is Dan Hardy fighting Andy Walker from CWFC Quest which took place on 4/8/005. Hardy is fighting Mike Swick at UFC 105. The winner likely will fight Georges St. Pierre for the welterweight title.

MMA Blaster Turns 2

MMA Blaster has enjoyed 2 great years of success and over 150,000 hits. Everyone from the United States, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, Sweden, France, United Kingdom, Australia and everyone else in between thanks for visiting. Here are some random cool MMA pics:

(Cung Le kick on Frank Shamrock)
(Mark Miller KO'ing Josh Neer in IFL)

(Gerald Harris slams Benji Radach in IFL)
(Marco Ruas kicks Paul Varelans at UFC 7)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Video of the Day - Tank v. Cabbage

Here is Tank Abbott v. Wesley "Cabbage" Correira II from Rumble on the Rock 7 which took place in Hawaii on 5/7/05.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Video of the Day - Forrest v. Rampage Netgun

Forrest faced off with Rampage in TUF 7, hyping up a championship bout between the two at UFC 86. In this video Forrest shows off his net gun skills. Forrest fights Tito Ortiz at UFC 106. Pretty sure a TUF 7 marathon on Spike is in the near future.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

UFC 106 Preview

UFC 106 takes place on Saturday, November 21st in Las Vegas, Nevada with Forrest Griffin and Tito Ortiz headlining. No titles will be on the line, so expect 6 to 7 fights to make the broadcast. In addition, at least two fights will make a Spike broadcast proceeding the pay per view.

Tito Ortiz (15-6-1, 14-6-1 UFC) is returning to action after being on the shelf since his May 8, 2008 decision loss to Lyoto Machida and back surgery. His opponent, Forrest Griffin, is returning from a devasting KO loss to Anderson Silva in August. Forrest rose to fame with his TUF 1 victory over Stephen Bonnar and his LHW title victory over Rampage Jackson.
(Forrest Griffin pictured)

Look for Forrest to press the action and use his boxing to keep Tito at a distance. Tito will look to close the distance and get in the clinch. Once there, Tito will look for a takedown to utilize his ground and pound. Tito won the 205 pound belt with a victory over Wanderlei Silva at UFC 25. He defended 5 times, including wins over Evan Tanner, Yuki Kondo and Vladimir Matyushenko.
(Tito Ortiz pictured)

Anthony Johnson vs. Josh Koscheck
Phil Baroni vs. Amir Sadollah
Luiz Cane vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira
Dustin Hazelett vs. Karo Parisyan


Marcus Davis vs. Ben Saunders
Kendall Grove vs. Jake Rosholt


Paulo Thiago vs. Jacob Volkmann
Brian Foster vs. Brock Larson
Fabricio Camoes vs. Caol Uno
Jason Dent vs. George Sotiropoulos

Video of the Day - Bonjasky v. Schilt

Here is Remy Bonjasky versus Semmy Schilt in K-1 kickboxing from the World Grand Prix on 11/19/09.

Video of the Day - Uno v. Jakovcevic

Here is Caol Uno facing Zvonko Jakovcevic from Shooto which took place on 7/29/98. Uno fights next at UFC 106 against Fabricio Camoes.

Video of the Day - Kikuchi v. Lax

Here is Akira Kikuchi against Jani Lax from Shooto from 4/14/02. Akira defeated Jake Shields, Ron Jhun, Jared Rollins and Sammy Morgan.

Video of the Day - Sato v. Quach

Here is Bo Quach v. Rumina "Moon Wolf" Sato from Shooto: Soljah Fight Night which took place in Hawaii on 7/9/04.

Video of the Day - Jones v. Boza

Here is Marcus Jones against Eddie Boza which took place on 11/10/07 for the RFC promotion in Tampa Bay, Florida. Marcus Jones is a former 1st round draft pick for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1996 and spent 6 years in the NFL. The defensive lineman's best season was 2000, when he had 13 sacks. He was a member of The Ultimate Fighter season 10.

Jones' fight career was over after a loss in the TUF 10 Finale to Matt Mitrione. Jones won his first 2 bouts of the TUF tournament by submitting Mike Wessell and TKO'ing Darrill Schoonover.

Strikeforce - Fedor v. Roger Preview

On Saturday, November 7th, the number 1 MMA fighter of all-time Fedor Emelianenko will be fighting rising top 10 heavyweight Brett Rogers. Rounding out the card is a 185 pound title fight between Jake Shields and Jason "Mayhem" Miller, Gegard Mousasi, Fabricio Werdum and Jeff Curran. The card unfolds at the Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates, Illinois and will be broadcast live on CBS.

Fedor Emelianenko vs. Brett Rogers- Finally we get to see Fedor fight after he was MIA from MMA action since a KO win over Andrei Arlovski in January. Also, Brett Rogers will be returning since his June beatdown of the aforementioned Arlovski.

Fedor (30-1) is an absolute beast, dismantling former UFC champs, massive brawlers and NCAA champs at ease. He owns wins over a staggering group of fighters including everyone from Antonio Nogueira, Tim Sylvia, Mark Coleman, Matt Lindland, Kevin Randleman and Ricardo Arona.

Look for Fedor to bring Rogers to the mat and take him to school with his amazing grappling aresenol. If the fight stays standing, I would expect Fedor to look to use his quickness against Rogers power punching.
(Fedor Emelianenko pictured)

Brett Rogers (10-0) is a rising star in the mixed martial arts world. He started his career training working full-time in Sam's Club's tire department and training in a 5 car garage. He has awesome power, standing 6'5" and weighing 265+ pounds. Expect Rogers to keep the fight standing, hunting for a knockout.

During his brief MMA career, Rogers has finished every fight with 9 TKO/KO's and 1 submission, albeit via a punches. Besides Arlovski, Rogers has taken out James Thompson, Jon Murphy and Ron "Abongo" Humphrey.
(Brett Rogers pictured)

Jason "Mayhem" Miller vs. Jake Shields- After the extremely entertaining Cung Le decided to vanquish his middleweight belt, Strikeforce has handed the title shot to two of the best American fighters outside the UFC. The grappling wizards will be fighting five rounds to determine the new champ.

Mayhem Miller (22-6) has used his "unique" personality to host the show Bully Beatdown and launch various other endevors. With an underrated submission game, Miller will look to defend Shields submission attempts while looking to punish the jiu-jitsu blackbelt.

Miller has fought in Hawaii, Japan and the continental US during his long career, with wins over Kala Hose, Robbie Lawler, Niko Vitale, Tim Kennedy and Ron Jhun.
(Mayhem Miller pictured)

Jake Shields (23-4) was the first and only Elite XC 170 pound champ, a Shooto champ and two time Rumble on the Rock tournament champ. He is currently riding a 12 fight win streak. Shields grappling has looked flawless during that stretch. Expect Shields to look for takedowns early and often, and then try for a submission.

Shields won the 170 pound Elite XC belt over Nick Thompson and defended against Paul Daley. He would then beat Robbie Lawler at a 182 catch weight in his first Strikeforce fight. Shields has other career victories over Carlos Condit, Mike Pyle and Dave Menne.
(Jake Shields pictured)

Gegard Mousasi vs. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou- Gegard Mousasi (26-2), the Strikeforce 205 pound champion, will be taking on the uber athletic Sokoudjou in this non-title match. Expect Mousasi to use his precision kickboxing to neutralize Sokodjou's power. Mousasi is on a 13 fight win streak with victories over Babalu Sobral, Melvin Manhoef, Denis Kang and Jacare.

Antonio Silva vs. Fabricio Werdum- The winner of this heavyweight clash will find himself in a potential showdown with the winner of Fedor v. Rogers. Both fighters are excellent grapplers, and this fight will likely be determined on the ground. Werdum is coming of a 2009 ADCC HW championship.


Marloes Coenen vs. Roxanne Modafferi- CBS Swing Bout
Jeff Curran vs. Dustin Neace
Shamar Bailey vs. John Kolosci
Deray Davis vs. Mark Miller
Nate Moore vs. Louis Taylor
Jonatas Novaes vs. Christian Uflacker