Thursday, April 24, 2008

Video of the Day - Best KO's from 2008 Vol 1

Here is the video of the day, it includes KO highlights from the first part of this year. Among the best include Yves Edwards KO over Edson Berto, Brett Rodgers KO over James Thompson, and Tim Boetsch's toss KO over David Heath.

Siala "Mighty Mo" Siliga

Mighty Mo is an interesting name in the world of mma and kickboxing. He owns a devasting overhand right, and a (3-0) mma record, (2-1) boxing record, and somewhere around (40-9) kickboxing record. With a thinning heavyweight division, maybe he could be convinced to give mma more of a try.

TUF Fight For Matt Riddle

The latest installment of The Ultimate Fighter focused primarily on Matt Riddle. Matt seems to keep a constant smile on his face, which earned him the nickname "Chippa or Chipper" for Rampage Jackson. Riddle is an experienced grappler, and has heavy hands.

Meanwhile, Jesse Taylor celebrated his victory with some beers and his ringworm. What they showed on camera was definately the worm, and it was doused with Tinactin. I really hope that the UFC was smart enough to have people washing the mats everynight.

Riddle was picked to fight Tim Credeur by Team Forrest. Credeur is a Brazilian Jui Jitsu black belt, and it was mentioned ad naseum on the show. Riddle, while only have two pro fights, and being the youngest guy there, has quite a bit of confidence. He didn't allow any of Credeur's or Dante Rivera's mind games to influence him. At one point Dante asked to put up a $500 bet that he would win the fight, seems slightly illegal there buddy.

The fight saw Matt Riddle get the better of Credeur while on the feet. Riddle was also able to use his wrestling to get Credeur to the mat, where it was basically a stalemate. The first round could have gone either way as Credeur made a push at the end of the round. Credeur, who always wants to be in "wars" ate some punches in the second and was taken down. Unfortunately, Riddle couldn't hear Rampage yelling for him to let Credeur up. With about a minute or so left, Credeur swept Riddle, and got the submission arm bar finish.

Team Forrest is up 2-0

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

BJ Penn v. Sean Sherk


Like most mma fans, I'm looking forward to the BJ Penn (12-4) v. Sean Sherk (31-2) matchup at UFC 84. BJ has looked dominant in steamrolling Jens Pulver and Joe Stevenson in the 155 division.

Sherk meanwhile has served his steroid suspension, a charge which he blames on supplements. Sherk was coming off a victory over Kenny Florian (9-3) when he failed the test. Florian has rattled off four straight victories after the loss.

BJ Penn

Sean Sherk

Monday, April 21, 2008



The UFC is simply not giving its fighters enough fights in a year. Out of the 10 fighters that are fighting on the main card of UFC 83, not one has fought in 2008. Eight haven't fought for more than six months. Granted injuries and medical suspensions happen, but it is getting ridiculous. Charles McCarthy, Travis Lutter and Matt Serra haven't fought for a year. Granted, Serra was injured, but that was after the long layoff for his coaching stint on "The Ultimate Fighter." A fighter should get at least three fights a year. On top of that, these guys need to make a living, and sponsors like to see their brand shown on the big screen. As a fan, I'd like to see more three-hour UFC Fight Night broadcasts where five to seven fights are shown and 12 fights are on the card.

Chicago, Ill.

Chuck Liddell Out of UFC 85

Chuck Liddell has reportedly had to pull out of UFC 85 due to a torn hamstring. Now, Rashad Evans will likely face James Irvin. Irvin is coming off of an 8 second knockout of Houston Alexander.

UFC 83 Canada

Jonathan Goulet def. Kuniyoshi Hironaka, TKO (Punches) R2, 2:07 - Was named fight of the night, but I have yet to find it.
Cain Velasquez def. Brad Morris, TKO (Strikes) R1, 2:10
Rich Clementi def. Sam Stout, Decision (Split)
Demian Maia def. Ed Herman, Sub. (Triangle Choke) R2, 2:27- Was named submission of the night.
Jason Day def. Alan Belcher, TKO (Punches) R1, 3:58
Jason MacDonald def. Joe Doerksen, TKO (Strikes) R2, 0:54

Mac Danzig def. Mark Bocek, Sub. (Rear-Naked Choke) R3, 3:48- Danzig may have lost the first round due to being taken down and frustrated by Bocek. The second saw Danzig land a couple knees and eventually get Bocek's back the the rear naked choke.

Michael Bisping def. Charles McCarthy, TKO (Arm injury) R1, 5:00- Bisping, despite giving up a takedown, looked impressive and strong at 185. He got the better of the standup and eventually

Nathan Quarry def. Kalib Starnes, Unanimous Decision - Do yourself a favor and just skip this bout. Extrmely boring, Starnes was cut for his embarrassing performance.

Rich Franklin def. Travis Lutter, TKO (Strikes) R2, 3:01- Lutter was able to get takedowns and get Franklin in trouble. Lutter was able to get a in mount and land strikes, but Franklin didn't buckle, and weathered a Lutter arm bar attempt. In the second round it wasn't good for Lutter as Franklin smashed a highkick to the face of Lutter. Lutter was dazed and tried to get a single leg until he was destroyed by hammerfists.

Georges St. Pierre def. Matt Serra, TKO (Knees to body) R2, 4:45- GSP has now dominated three straight elite fighters in the UFC. He took Serra down at will and punished him with strikes. He connected with kicks to the feet, and totally controlled the fight from start to finish. At the end, Serra was getting pummelled in the body until he was saved by the ref. The Canadian crowd was going crazy the entire fight and were one of the loadest I have heard.
*MMA Blaster readers were correct 21-7!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Video of the Day - Krazy Horse Bennett

Pride/KOTC/Elite XC vet Charles "Krazy Horse" Bennett (20-14) is known for his outlandish behavior and excellent striking and slamming prowess. The 5'5" inch 155 pounder has lightning quick hands as you can see in the highlight. He has scored big KO victories over Elite XC champ KJ Noons, Yoshiro Maeda and Dan Loman.

Krazy Horse is a coach on BET's Iron Ring, in which he claimed he had formerly trained two times in his life. His achilles heel has been a lack of training and lack of submission defense.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

TUF Episode 3

This episode started as the respective teams were picked by Forrest and Rampage. Rampage won the toss and elected to choose the first fighter in CB Dollaway. Forrest went with the experienced BJJ blackbelt Tim Creduer. I was surprised to see Gerald Harris go as Rampage's #5 pick, Dante Rivera as Forrest's #6 and Zacharich go last overall. Here is what I think the teams broke down to:

C.B. Dollaway
Matt Riddle
Paul Bradley
Daniel Cramer
Gerald Harris
Mike Dolce
Jeremy May
Brandon Sene

Tim Credeur
Amir Sadollah
Jesse Taylor
Matt Brown
Cale Yarbrough
Dante Rivera
Nick Klein
Luke Zachrich

Afterwards, Rampage is talking to his team and sees a nasty rash on Paul Bradley's neck. It is found to be herpes, and subsequently he is booted from the show. It sucks that he had to give up his wrestling coach job, but with a rumored contract with Elite XC, I don't feel too bad for him. Guess he should have been packing Valtrex. In his place comes Patrick Schultz, one of the few guys who didn't get hurt in his fight. I would have taken Mike Marrelo if I was choosing.

The first match pits Mike Dolce v. Jesse Taylor. Taylor does look somewhat like a Big John McCarthy and Nick Cage love child. Rampage checks up on his team while at the house and talks about life and fighting. He also asks about what his fighters do for a living outside the ring, interesting that Matt Riddle has no driver's license and lives with his mom.

The first prelim fight featured Dolce stuffing Taylor's first takedown and landing some punches. Dolce eventually is reversed, and gives up his back. Dolce fought the choke, got a reversal, but the round was controled by Taylor. In the second Dolce landed another punch on his feet, but was taken down again. This time Taylor was able to land cleaner punches while on the ground, softening up Dolce for the choke. For his win and the stoppage, Taylor won 5K from Burger King, and 5K from the UFC. (How much he makes for just appearing on the show is a mystery)

*Jesse Taylor had a nice victory celebration, throwing up in a bucket.

Team Forrest has control to pick the next fight with the win- 1-0.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Video of the Day - Big Time KO

Here is a random head kick knockout I found on Youtube. I haven't been able to determine who the fighters are, but you can see by the kick that it landed square.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Yamma Results

Yamma Pit Fighting 1 came and went and I would assume there is a 50% chance they pull off another event. The $34.95 price tag of the event steered some away, and apparently they were not heavily sponsored as their cage lacked graphics. Travis Wiuff ended up winning the tournament and as he put it, "now I'll be able to pay some bills." Butterbean went down in a blaze of glory. Apparently if you get the 416 pound Bean to the mat he has problems getting back up. Oleg knee-barred a softer version of Mark Kerr. At least Kerr was able to get a takedown.

Lamont Lister def. Oleg Savitsky TKO (Strikes) R1 0:33
Bryan Vetell def. Antwain Britt Dec. (Unanimous) R1 5:00
Alexey Oleinik def. Sherman Pendergarst Sub. (Ezekiel Choke) R1 4:18
Chris Tuscherer def. Tony Sylvester Dec. (Unanimous) R1 5:00
Travis Wiuff def. Marcelo Pereira Dec.(Unanimous) R1 5:00
Ricco Rodriguez def. George Bush Dec. (Unanimous) R1 5:00
Oleg Taktarov def. Mark Kerr Sub. (Kneebar) R1 1:55
Chris Tuscherer def. Alexey Oleinik Dec. (Unanimous) R1 5:00
Travis Wiuff def. Ricco Rodriguez Decision (Unanimous) R1 5:00
Patrick Smith def. Eric Esch Sub. (Punches and Elbows) R1 3:17
Travis Wiuff def. Chris Tuscherer Dec. (Unanimous) R3 5:00

Oleg Taktarov v. Mark Kerr

Butterbean v. Patrick Smith

Sunday, April 13, 2008



I want to thank for getting Luke Zachrich and C.B. Dollaway to provide an inside look at "The Ultimate Fighter." Luke brought out an interesting piece of information in his first entry: "Dana lined us up and randomly paired us with our opponents." Are you kidding me? Granted records can be padded on local circuits, but come on; have some rhyme or reason to it. I feel bad for Mike Marrello (7-1) and Patrick Shultz (5-1), as these two MMA veterans fought two frontrunners in Gerald Harris and Zachrich. This, while inexperienced Dan Cramer (0-0) takes on Jeremiah Riggs (1-0), who has all heart and no technique. Likewise, Dan Simmler (1-0), with no stand-up or takedown defense, fights and gets KO'd by inexperienced Matt Riddle (1-0). If you want the top 16 fighters, then find a way to seed them because a couple may have slipped away.

Chicago Ill.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Gogoplata Video

The video below posted by shows how to lock in a gogoplata or shin choke. The move was at first a legend, and one had not been pulled in competition. Then came Nick Diaz getting the gogoplata over lightweight legend Takanori Gomi. Shinya Aoki pulled one off over Joachim Hansen. Since then Brad Imes has landed two outside the UFC, and the move has been accomplished by some fighters on local circuits. What's fun to think about is the next unique and rare move is popularized in MMA.

Friday, April 11, 2008

UFC 83 - Canada Edition - Preview


WW Champ Matt Serra (9-4) vs. Georges St. Pierre(15-2)- St.Pierre last fought in the UFC 79 near New Year's eve and beat Matt Hughes via armbar. Serra hasn't fought since April of 2007, having coached on The Ultimate Fighter and than suffering a significant back injury. St. Pierre has looked extremely focused and unstoppable in his victories against Koscheck and Hughes.
*MMA Blaster Pick- GSP via TKO round 3.
*MMA Blaster Poll- Currently has GSP as the favorite by a 2-1 margin.

Rich Franklin (22-3) vs. Travis Lutter (9-4)- Franklin is coming off minor knee surgery and his second loss to Anderson Silva in October of 2007. Lutter's last fight was over a year ago, and was also a loss to Anderson Silva. This was also the infamous failure at making weight. To Lutter's credit, he was able to get Silva to the ground and get mount. One of the few times that Silva has looked in trouble in the UFC. If Lutter can get Franklin to the mat, I believe he can get a submission. If Lutter is stuffed in his attempts and is forced to slug it out it will be Franklin with his hand raised.
*MMA Blaster Pick- Lutter via armbar round 3.

Nate Quarry (9-2) vs. Kalib Starnes (8-2) - Quarry last fought in September of 2007, when he KO'd Pete Sell. Starnes last fought in October of 2007, when he lost after suffering a cut to Alan Belcher. Both fighters will be shaking off a half year of ring rust, and will probably stand and trade. I think Quarry might get the better of it.
*MMA Blaster Pick- Quarry via decision.

Michael Bisping (14-1) vs. Charles McCarthy (10-4) - Bisping is coming off a split decision loss to Rashad Evans in November of 2007, and the Hamill decision. McCarthy last fought in the TUF 4 finale in November of 2006. Bisping has been talking some smack, and I believe he is very confident going into the bout. McCarthy hasn't fought in a long time and I believe this will show.
*MMA Blaster Pick- Bisping via TKO round 3.

Marc Bocek (5-1) vs. Mac Danzig (17-4) - Bocek is coming off a decision win over Doug Evans on the pre New Year's eve show of 2007. Danzig's last fight was his win over Tom Speer in the TUF 6 Finale in December of 2007. Danzig has the experience and I believe he will overwelm Bocek.
*MMA Blaster Pick- Danzig via KO round 2.


Joe Doerksen vs. Jason MacDonald- MMA Blaster Pick- MacDonald via sub round 3.
Rich Clementi vs. Sam Stout- MMA Blaster Pick- Stout via KO round 2
Alan Belcher vs. Jason Day- MMA Blaster Pick- Belcher via sub round 3.
Jonathan Goulet vs. Kuniyoshi Hironaka- MMA Blaster Pick- Hironaka via decision
Ed Herman vs. Demian Maia- MMA Blaster Pick- Herman via TKO round 3.
Brad Morris vs. Cain Velasquez- MMA Blaster Pick- Cain via decision

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Science of Sport Rampage Slam

Here is an interesting clip that shows the power of a Rampage slam. Rampage also intimidates the host of the show.

TUF Episode 2

This episode was all fights which pleased me. The match-making was somewhat puzzling in this episode as some of the experienced guys were paired up and some of the the experienced guys were paired. Luke Zacharich explained on his MMA Junkie blog that Dana White actually walked around and randomly paired up fighters. One of the most idiotic things I've heard of Dana do for awhile.

Matt Serra trained fighter Dan Simmler (1-0) learned the hard way that he needs to improve his standup and takedown game. After a first round that where Matt Riddle (1-0) took him down and then Simmler tried subs, the second was fast. As Simmler threw a lazy kick, Riddle dropped him with a right hook directly to jaw dropping him to the canvas. Two more jaw punches followed as Simmler was looking to the stars. After a serious of moaning and a possible broken jaw, Simmler asked, "what happened, was it practice or a fight?" Ouch.

The second fight saw Luke Zacharich (7-1) v. Patrick Schultz (5-1). These two probably should have been fighting some of the 1-0, 0-0 guys as both looked seasoned. Zacharich was in a little trouble after a Schultz takedown. Zacharich's wrestling seems to be good as he got decent position and dropped punches. Schultz' frosted tips didn't prevent Zacharich from eventually getting his back and a rear naked choke. Zacharich probably needs to

Tim Credeur (9-2) took out Erick Charles in a workmanlike performance. He pushed Charles to the fence, took him down, and got the armbar. He is a BJJ blackbelt from Louisiana. Credeur is a legit threat, at (9-2) his two losses have come in Bodog to Chael Sonnen (20-9) and Joey Villasensor (25-6) in KOTC.

Aaron Meiser (2-0) v. Brandon Sene (2-0)- After exchanging kicks and knees, Sene got a takedown eventually got the rear naked choke. The mohawked Sene was gassed at the end.

Gerald Harris (6-2) v. Mike Marrelo (6-1)- IFL vet Gerald Harris used slams, punches to the face, elbows to the face to eventually get the decision. Harris' entry makes all three IFL fighters in the 16.


Jerimiah Riggs (1-0) v. Dan Cramer (0-0)- Dana what were you thinking with this match-up? Horrible match making, I feel sorry for Marrelo and Schultz.

Nick Rossborough (8-3) vs. Jesse Taylor (6-2)- Taylor got a takedown, punches, and then a rear naked choke for a victory. Taylor has a couple quality wins and a couple losses to MMA vet Kenny Ento and TUF 3's Jesse Forbes.

Josh Hall (3-2) vs. Matt Brown (9-6)- Matt Brown despite being a little small at 185 used his experience and skill to beat Josh Hall with 9 seconds left in the round.

*We learn the teams next week.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

IFL New Blood New Battles Results

I have yet to see any of these fights yet as I haven't found them on Youtube yet. The IFL staff will probably post a couple of them for publicity, I'd like to see the head kick by LC Davis and Hieron's dominating performance.

Alex Schoenauer def. Brendan Barrett via Decision (Split)
LC Davis def. Rafael Dias via KO (Head Kick) R3, 3:56
Chris Horodecki def. Nate Lamotte via Decision (Unanimous)
Jim Miller def. Bart Palaszewski via Decision (Unanimous)
Brad Blackburn def. Delson Heleno via TKO (Strikes) R3, 1:50
LHW Champ- Vladimir Matyushenko def. Jamal Patterson via TKO (Strikes) R2, 3:35
FW Champ- Wagnney Fabiano def. Shad Lierley KO (Punch) 1 0:37
WW Champ- Jay Hieron def. Mark Miller TKO (Strikes) R1, 2:10
Emyr Bussade def. Jesse Lennox Sub (Kneebar) R2, 1:25
Mike Ciesnolevicz and Carmelo Marrero No Contest (Cut) 1 1:37

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Ultimate Fighter 7 Premier

The Ultimate Fighter 7 did not waste anytime. After Dana White's usual speech he let everyone know they had 24 hours to make weight and 24 hours before the fight. Obviously that hurt a couple guys who came in heavy. Why these guys don't get close to their weight before getting to the show always puzzles me. The episode showed four fights in their entirety and four with highlights.

Winners Highlight Fights:
C.B. Dollaway (6-0)- He made quick work of his opponent with kicks and ground and pound. I am wondering if the coaches know about his wrestling credentials.
Dante Rivera (10-2)- IFL vet Rivera looked impressive in his highlights, carrying his opponent to his corner before finishing him with a kimura.
Nick Klein (3-0)- Klein owns three victories all by armbar, and in his match used an arm triangle to win. This was a highlight fight and not much was shown.
Paul Bradley (5-0)- This was the only time Bradley was shown, as he is rumored to be going to Elite XC. Dana took the time to bash Bradley's performance as a takedown fest.

Winners full fights:
Jeremy May (6-5)- May fought Rampage's friend Doug Roberts and beat the snot out of him. Robert's looked tenative and not completely focused as May's stand-up looked to be on point. May's losses have come mainly via submissions, and he may have a tough time with an elite wrestler.

Cale Yarbrough (0-0)- Cale absorbed a little bit of a beating in the first before coming back and taking it to John Clarke (6-2). After winning the first round, Clarke looked completely gassed. This is understandable as he had dropped 17 pounds the day before. In the second Clarke just didn't have much left.

Amir Sadollah (0-0)- Sadollah is 5-0 as an amateur, and may have lost the first round due to a takedown and some big punches at the end of the round. In the second, Amir was able to land some strikes before securing an armbar. Sadollah probably had the upset of the night beating UFC vet Steve Byrnes (6-1).

Mike Dolce (4-4)- IFL vet Dolce came alive after trading slopping punches with Prince McLean (4-5). Dolce controlled the pace and land punches flush that eventually knocked Prince unconscious. Dolce has mainly fought at 170, and the lack of having to cut alot of weight is a definitive advantage in the TUF tournament.

*Dolce celebrating his victory in the IFL, his IFL record was 1-3 with decision losses to top competitors in Delson Helano (13-4), Antonio McKee (21-3), and Lyman Good (7-0)

*I'm interested to see if there is any mention of the IFL as two of their former fighters are already in the field of sixteen, and Gerald Harris is likely to go there as well.
*Also interested to see what happens with Paul Bradley. He was basically shunned in this past episode.
*The next show will also show 8 fights, probably 4 full and 4 with highlights again. Apparently there is a big KO coming our way.

Ultimate Fight Night 13

The Ultimate Fight Night 13 produced some excellent fights and some great come from behind see-saw battles. The show was basically a UFC pay per view lite. The fights were great, the lite describes the amount fights shown vs. filler and commercials. The multiple interviews, lengthy commercial breaks, and lack of cohesion to the production got annoying. After Diaz and Hammil's fights ended quick it took forever to get to the next fight. After Alves beat Karo, it took forever to get to Speer v. Johnson. With the amount of fights that ended in the second or first round there should have been 8 fights shown instead of 6.

Kenny Florian vs. Joe Lauzon- Florian via TKO, 3:29 R2- Lauzon may have taken the first round with takedowns, but Kenny was able to land some kicks and elbows. The second round Kenny was able to secure the mount and land punches until the ref was forced to stop the fight.

Thiago Alves vs. Karo Parisyan- Alves via KO (knee to punches), :34 R1- The first round saw Karo and Thiago exchange blows. Joe Rogan talked alot about the mile high altitude. Karo looked to be carrying a little more weight and it didn't help him in this fight. In the second round, Karo took a massive knee to the face. He then took three or four punches from Alves before ref Steve Mazzagati called it.

Afterwards, Karo popped up and was angered at the stoppage. It was obvious on the replay that Karo's knees buckled after the knee and he took at least three punches. In Karo's defense, he did have an arm up attempting to say he was still alright. It may of been a quick stoppage, but Karo shouldn't have let a massive knee crumple him to the ground. Five straight wins for Thiago should put him one behind Jon Fitch for the title. Fitch definately has earned his place with his 8th straight win at UFC 82.

Tim Boetsch vs. Matt Hamill- Hamill via TKO 1:25, R2- Tremendous applause has to be given for Hamill in this one. After trading shots at the start, Hamill was able to take Boetsch down and land a couple glancing blows. After a stand-up, Boetsch picked Hamill apart with front kicks, knees, and punches. A brutal Boetsch knee prompted blood to start pouring from Hamill's mouth. Hamill took alot of punishment before the horn sounded.

After the round we saw that Hamill's lip was actually split basically in two. It looked as if the knee had pushed the lip trough a tooth. The second round looked to be more of the same until Hamill landed a takedown and then a huge flurry. He gave it all he had, and eventually Boetsch just wasn't blocking many punches and the action was called.

Houston Alexander vs. James Irvin- Irvin via KO :08 R1- Irvin landed a superman punch and a few others to get the KO at 8 seconds of the first round.

Nate Diaz vs. Kurt Pellegrino- Diaz via sub. (triangle) 3:06, R2- Nate Diaz impressed me with his performance in this fight. Diaz took an absolute beating in the first round. Diaz took punches and elbows directly on the chin, side of the head, and to the face. A massive Pellegrino elbow smashed him on the eye and opened up a cut. Diaz gave up his back, but was able to ride out the round. In the second, Diaz looked revitalized. After an attempted slam Diaz transitioned from an extremely non-chalant guillotine attempt to a triangle. Knowing it was sunk deep, Diaz flexed to the crowd and then flashed dual middle fingers. Classy.

Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard - Maynard via UD- Both fighters landed punches in the first, but Maynard won each round with takedowns and a slight advantage while standing.


Anthony Johnson vs. Tommy Speer- Tom Speer was absolutely destroyed in his fight. It seemed like punch after punch, kick after kick landed. Johnson popped Speer in the mouth and dropped him like a sack of bricks. Speer laid against the fence for a few seconds.

Marcus Aurelio vs. Ryan Roberts
Josh Neer vs. Din Thomas
Jeff Cox vs. Manny Gamburyan
Samy Schiavo vs. Clay Guida
Roman Mitichyan vs. George Sotiropoulos

Video of the Day - Satoko Shinashi


Satoko Shinashi (28-1-2) just won the Deep Flyweight Women's tournament beating Fukuko Hamada (4-2) then Sachi Sachi (4-3) by armbar in the finals. She is one of the biggest stars in women's MMA. I'd love to see a match-up with Megumi Fujii (14-0). Other stars of women's MMA include Tara LaRosa (15-1), Amanda Buckner (11-4), Jennifer Howe (13-2), and Gina Carano (5-0). Check out the video below for highlights of Satoko's great career.

For those of you who don't think women should be allowed to compete in MMA (Karo Parisyan cough), get out of the 18th century. Women can fight and die in the military and do anything else a guy can do. Right now, the only problem with women's MMA is that there aren't enough fighters.

MCC 13 Contenders

After taking a look at Google Analytics, I have found that Iowa has generated my second most amount of visitors behind Illinois. Here is an upcoming fight card for Midwest Cage Championships 13th show. The bouts will take place on April 25th, 2008 at KGGO/Bucs Arena.

WW Title Fight- Victor Moreno v. Ben Crowder
WW Micheal Johnson v. Ted Worthington
LW Paul Bird v. TBA
LHW Doug Onstot v. Josh Christenson
WW Chuck Rainey v. Ronnie Britt
LW Alex Harper v. TBA

Four Man Featherweight Tournament
Nick Walker v. TJ O’Brien
Will Shutt . Brad Floyd

*TJ O'Brien celebrating a victory

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Video of the Day - Ernesto Hoost

Here is a highlight video of the world famous kickboxer Ernesto Hoost. He is a 4-time K1 World Heavyweight Champion. His kickboxing record is somewhere around 100+ victories and 19 or so losses.

Yamma Pit Fighting

I am intrigued by this new fight league that alleges "On the street it's against the law, in the pit it is the law". This is due to what they claim is a fighting surface that is revolutionary, and my love for the tournament. The card has been changing quite a bit keeping Yamma alive on internet forums. The whole promotion has overtones of "Bloodsport", and I wonder if Chong Li and Frank Dux will be battling it out.

Oleg Taktarov (221.2) vs. Mark Kerr (266.2)- Mark Kerr emerged as the late replacement for what was originally Don Frye. Oleg looks to earn his second straight win since his comeback. Kerr is looking to build on his 2 fight win streak since his comeback from his own personal demons.

Patrick Smith (240) vs. Eric " Butterbean" Esch (416.2)- Originally Pat Smith was scheduled as a replacement for Don Frye but that changed as he replaced mma veteren Gary Goodridge. Pat Smith should try to keep the Bean moving as he weighed in a a fat 416 pounds. We'll see what strategy Smith employs.

8 Man Heavyweight Tourney: Rumored that fights will be one round of five minutes and athletes will be inspected by a doc before the fight.

I have ranked them according to my rankings:

1. Ricco Rodriguez (27-8)(264)- The former UFC heavyweight champ recently lost a split decision to Junior Silva. He was also on Celebrity Rehab (although I don't know when it was filmed. He is a substitute for Rex Richards (4-1) and hopefully will lay everything on the line for these short matches. He looked a little chunky at the weigh-ins at

2. Travis Wiuff (49-11)(242)- Currently on a five fight win streak all by early stoppages, after fighting 9 times in 2007. Normally fights at 205, so will be giving up some pounds. Most impressive record and experience(UFC, IFL, Pride) out of the group, and should get the #1 Seed. Travis occasionally fights at 205, so I was surprised at the 242 pound weight.

3. Chris Tuchscherer (11-0)(264)- The North Dakota prospect is one of the biggest in the group stepping in around 260-265. The undefeated fighter only fought twice in 2007 and recently in 2008, winning against Travis Fulton.
**I wouldn't be surprised if Fulton appeared in this tourney.

4. Tony Sylvester (10-1)(263)- At 6'3" 263 with ponytail, he will be one of the big boys. He has a victory over Sherman Pendergarst and 7 in a row stretching back to June of 2006.

5. George Bush (5-0)(231)- Only fought once in 2007, and not yet in 2008. Has one victory over a fighter with an above 500 record. Stated in a Sherdog story that he did not know anything about the fighting surface and that he may face Sherman Pendergarst in the first round.

6. Marcelo "Pato" Pereira (Not on Sherdog, 5-0 MMAJunkie article)(4-1 Yamma)(219)- I'm guessing his name was misspeled on the website. MMAJunkie has stated he is a world class grappler and BJJ Blackbelt. He came in as the lightest fighter, a tall 219 pounds.

7. Sherman Pendergarst (10-8)(265)- Sherman is an experienced fighter having appeared in the UFC losing to Antoni Hardonk. He is (1-4) in his last 5 fights however. He looked a little soft at weigh-ins.

8. Alexey Oleynik (6-3 under Oleinik Sherdog)(4-3 Yamma)(220)- 3 submissions in a row in a Polish MMA tournament since a Bodog loss to Chael Sonnen. Mostly competes at 205.

Announced match ups with MMA Blaster Seeds with weights:

(1) Ricco Rodriguez(264.6) vs. (5) George Bush (231.6)
(2) Travis Wiuff (242.8) vs. (6) Marcelo Pereira (219.4)
(3) Chris Tuscherer (264) vs. (4) Tony Sylvester (262.8)
(7) Sherman Pendergarst (264.6) vs. (8) Alexey Oleinik (220.2)

Alternate Bouts
Antwain Britt (228.2) vs. Bryan Vetell (266)
Lamont Lister (212.6) vs. Oleg Savitsky (199.4)

Standby Alternate
Ron Waterman (264.4)

Strikeforce/Elite XC Results

For anyone who hasn't seen the Cung Le v. Frank Shamrock fight, check it out. The fight was three rounds of pretty much non-stop action. Frank kept to his word and preferred to stay on his feet. He attempted a takedown only one time, and the announcers seemed to lead on that it had something to do with his ACL. While standing, Cung got the most of Frank with his assortment of kicks, punches, spinning backfists, and a couple leg catches. The leg catches were very impressive, as Cung caught the leg and blasted Frank's grounded ankle with a sweep (reminiscent of San Shou).

Frank was able to land a couple kicks on Cung, and was able to close the distance in the third round. When in close, Frank did some damage with punches. It was only temporary as Cung was able to break away. However, Cung's kicks proved too much for Frank, as he broke his ulna(forearm) while defending a kick, and after the third round he could not continue. Cung Le is the new MW Strikeforce Champ. I'd like to see him square off against Robbie Lawler or a cross promotion with HDNet to get a fight with Mayhem Miller.
*MMA Blaster poll- 32 Shamrock v. 31 Le - looks like the readers lost!


Cung Le vs. Frank Shamrock via TKO (arm injury)- R3, 5:00
Drew Fickett def. Jae Suk Lim via sub (guillotine choke)- R1, 1:14
Gilbert Melendez def. Gabe Lemley via TKO (strikes)- R2, 2:18
Wayne Cole def. Mike Kyle via sub (armbar) - R1, 0:42
Joey Villasenor def. Ryan Jensen via KO (punch) - R1, 4:45
Tiki Ghosn def. Luke Stewart via unanimous decision
Darren Uyenoyama def. Anthony Figueroa via sub(guillotine) - R1, 1:27
Jesse Jones def. Jesse Gillespie via TKO - R1 0:35

Le vs Shamrock


MMA Blaster on MMA Junkie - Dan Severn


dan  severn

On March 9, Dan Severn (UFC 4 and UU 96 champ) tasted victory yet again against UFC 72/80 competitor Colin Robinson. Despite Severn's long list of accomplishments in MMA, I rarely hear his name mentioned in MMA broadcasts. Even dissed Severn saying, "Severn has largely kept his career alive by fighting inexperienced opponents." Severn brought so many fans to the sport, including myself, as a high-school wrestler in 1996 renting the UFC tapes. We rewinded Severn's suplexes of Anthony Macias over and over again, watching wrestling used to perfection. It seems the UFC, IFL and EliteXC have ignored Severn. Maybe Severn doesn't want the attention, but he deserves it. While Ken Shamrock just lost his EliteXC debut to Robert Berry, Severn choked out Berry in 2006. With a list of victims that spans Forrest Griffin to Oleg Taktarov, MMA's true Iron Man is Dan Severn.

-Chicago, IL

MMA Legend Kevin Randleman

Kevin "The Monster" Randleman (16-12) was a brute force in mixed martial from 1996 until 2002. Randleman captured the UFC Heavyweight Title with a victory over Pete Williams but soon lost the title to Randy Couture. Randleman scored victories over solid mma veterens Renato "Babalu" Sobral, Mirko Cro Cop Filipovic, Dan Bobish, Pedro Rizzo, Pete Williams, Maurice Smith, Ebenezer Fontes Braga, and Murilo Rua.

Since his loss to Rampage Jackson in 2003, Randleman has gone 2-7, with an impressive KO over Cro Cop. He also had Fedor close to defeat after a massive suplex. Fedor however was able to secure a kimura victory. Here are a couple highlight videos.